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For all the good reasons, the internet is buzzing with positive information about online classes. The advantages of opting for online classes are many with flexibility and low cost being the main reasons people go this way. Though, a quick look at how things are changing and how many online platforms are coming up, it spells something risky and daunting especially if you choose a fake, scam or unregistered platform for your online accreditation.

Looking at how things are, it’s also easy to notice that a good number of people are still choosing traditional classes. Do you think they’re ignorant or just cautious? The main reason this is happening is because there are some sets of risks involved in choosing online classes.

There are chances that you can enroll for online classes with a company that is not accredited. This means that there are chances of doing everything including wasting your time and end up with false papers. This is what opens the debate of whether all online colleges are proud of their status or at least whether they’re accredited and genuine.

Another major challenge is the cost of online classes in some major platforms. The challenge comes in when you’ve to pay comparatively equal amount for Online and traditional classes. The good thing is that you can save money on your online class with specific coupon codes and promo codes from CouponCodeGroup. With that in Mind, I planned to share some information about one of the many online colleges: Udacity.

What is Udacity?

Udacity is an online platform where learners come to sharpen their skills. The company boosts of the ability of giving you the skills you need to land the best jobs out there. This platform was started as an experiment for online learning. It was a creation of two Stanford Instructors Peter Norvig and Sebastian Thrun. These two individuals were nominated to offer their Introduction to AI course online for free.

Immediately, there were more than 160,000 Students from over 160 countries in the world that enrolled. Today, the platform enjoys the reputation and popularity in offering aspiring learners from all corners of the world an opportunity to participate and contribute to online learning.

What financing options are offered by Udacity?

Udacity will accept a couple of financing options to make it easy for every parson to take the courses of their dreams. You can choose Scholarships, Monthly Payments and Loan financing. Regardless of the options you go for, make sure you use Udacity Coupon codes to save noticeably on the fees.

What courses are offered at Udacity?

Udacity offers a couple of courses. These are well explained on the company’s website to make it easy for you to choose depending on your personal preferences. You can choose AI programming with Python, AI product Manager, Android Developer, Android Basics, AI for Trading, Cloud Dev ops engineer, Cloud Developers, Computer vision, Data analyst, Data engineer, Front End web developers, Marketing Analytics, React, Robotics, Robotics software, self-driving car engineer, UX designer, Natural language Processing and many other courses.

What types of programs are offered at Udacity?

Depending on your options, you can choose online part-time programs. If you choose the online part-time courses, you can learn from and utilize the advantages of technical mentor support, career services, personal career coaches and much more.

What are the Jobs outcomes for Udacity?

I know it’s also very important to consider the job outcomes for the alumni. People want to know whether they can actually secure a Job with the courses they learnt from this online platform. To answer this question, I have specifically checked the reviews and comments from Udacity alumni. I realized that a good number of Udacity alumni are working in tech companies including Facebook, BMW, Google and Amazon. Several others are Freelancers offering their services on major Freelance sites such as Uvocorp, Fiverr, Truelancer and Upwork.

Udacity Customer Reviews

Udacity customers are very satisfied with the courses offered, the services rendered and the skills achieved. I came to realize that over 89% of Udacity alumni are very satisfied and left 5 star reviews. One person claims that he studies Programming for Data Science with Python and it as the best experience. He said that the company is a well-structured and an engaging platform that offers high quality services for beginners and advanced beginners.

On the other hand, there are a significant number of people complaining about the company’s Customer service and the price. One customer says that the company has terrible customer service and misleading advertisement. In case of any issues, it’s very hard to reach the management for a solution.

Is Udacity a legit or a fake online college?

The Udacity Nanodegree is not an academic degree. What this means is that these certificates are not recognized by the set Bodies. However, they offer you all the skills you need to get recognized and work perfectly on a target job. There are many people who’ve successfully acquired these skills from Udacity. Majority of them are working in major companies courtesy of Udacity acquired skills. What this shows is that Udacity is a genuine online college with all it takes to offer you the best services.

Advantages and disadvantages of choosing Udacity

Udacity Pros

  • Udacity is popularly known as an online education provider
  • There are free and paid courses
  • Their courses contains more hands-on programming work than their competitors
  • The courses are affordable
  • The skills are helpful
  • The customer care is dupe

Udacity cons

  • The prices are comparatively higher
  • There are some sudden price increases

Saving on Udacity

The ultimate reason people choose online courses is to save money and time. For that reason, you should look for the best ways to save on Udacity for your target course.

  • Use coupon codes-You can use Udacity coupon codes at checkout to save pointedly. They currently have 7 active coupons and deals that you can take advantage of.
  • Find cheap online classes
  • Choose only fully online programmers
  • Look for financial aid
  • Consider a student’s loan
  • Look for merit-based Scholarships
  • Udacity Final verdict

Udacity is a genuine and highly reputable online college offering a wide range of courses. They also offer different types of financing. The students can also save with Udacity Coupon Codes from CouponcodeGroup.com.



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