Monthly Guide to saving money on Electronics


Every new month has its own unique ways of saving money and this August is one of the best times of the year to check on Lenovo USA, Samsung and iMyfone for some price drops, offers and deals for your next electronic and tech service investment. This brief gives all types of electronic Buyers a sneak peek at the sales and the discounts to expect in August and beyond.


Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2

Prices on electronics vary greatly from one month to the other. Samsung being one of the most popular companies in the world has some new releases that we are all watching out for. The company sends out some of the best deals and Offers for people that wants to save on the new Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 that was released in 5th August 2020. It’s barely few days from the time this smartphone hit the market and many people are already heading to Samsung stores for viewing and Buying.

We all expect this smartphone to retail at the highest prices currently in the market. But do not panic because there are obvious ways of saving money on that new release. Buy online and check for Samsung Galaxy Z fold 2 coupon codes and promo codes from

Besides this Phone, Samsung has already unveiled a couple of other power devices in the Galaxy ecosystem that can really empower your work and Play. These devices includes Galaxy Note20 series, Galaxy Watch 3, Galaxy Buds Live and Galaxy Tab s7. All these devices are productivity powerhouses that can work well for all sorts of lifestyles. Some of these devices are available on preorder which can save most people up to $650 with trade-in.

Samsung Launches the Ultimate Private mode for the next Smartphone. That feature is now on Galaxy A71 and Galaxy A51. But this feature is a new ‘’Make for India’’ Innovation which is known as ALtLife mainly for smartphone privacy. This is another additive for people that wants the best devices for both personal and overall privacy.

New and Upcoming Samsung releases that we are all waiting for are hitting the market bit by bit. The company has recently launched an upgraded version of smartphones and other devices that are aimed at enhancing its Global outreach.

Find the best deals on Samsung

The most effective ways of finding the best deals on Samsung products is to copy and use some of the Samsung Coupon Codes available online. features a great number of Samsung Coupon codes that you can try today to save momentously.

Sell or Trade your Device

For all the Samsung products listed above, users have a chance to trade their devices for new Samsung releases. This saves some users more than $650 in a single device. To save on the latest Samsung release, always trade or sell your Phone.

Lenovo USA

PC as a service market is set to experience drastic growth post 2020 according to a recent study published by AMA. This is an indication that Lenovo US on its side has a plan to introduce the best and the most effective strategy to offer hybrid products for its customers.

Lenovo USA new Budget AMD gaming laptops are now selling at $660. This is great saving no matter how serious of a gamer you are. As a matter of fact, we have all wanted to have the best of gaming laptops in 2020.

I hope you’ve also seen the Lenovo’s Legion Gaming Phone that now features a Pop-Up selfie cam on one of the sides. These are such innovations that we all want to see in 2020. This was announced recently and I hope its great news for the company trying to release something new. Unfortunately, there are no known plans of launching this in the US.

Lenovo enhances Portfolio of Education solutions to meet Evolving demands of Hybrid Learning. This is evident with the new Lenovo 100e 2nd Gen and several other products that are powered by AMD. The other similar device is the Lenovo 300e 2nd Gen Laptop that now offers students and teachers a couple of options outside the lecture halls. Furthermore, DNSFilters partners with Lenovo Lanschool to provide schools with affordable content Filtering and Threat protection.

Lenovo USA deals

It’s always important to consider Lenovo USA coupon codes for the new Lenovo releases such as the Lenovo 100e 2nd Generation for students and Teachers. helps you secure helpful Lenovo deals via coupon codes and promo codes. Lenovo has a list of other laptops released earlier in 2020 that still proves to be best for learning.


In August, it’s easy to secure a 25% off iMyFone coupon code on all the products available on the site or a Flat 25% Off Lockwiper Coupon on all the products available. Android users can now get all their Mobile Phone services with ease to help them recover data on Samsung Galaxy Recyclebin and other android Devices.

iMyfone recently upgraded LockWiper to make it easy for users to Bypass MDM activation screen instantly. This is what makes the company secure a 500, 000 people base in a single year. The company has also been endorsed by several brands such as Computer Bild, Softonic and TechRader.

Save up for an iPhone before the end of the month

The sales for Televisions and Laptops vary each month. Similar to this, buying an iPhone or a Samsung Smartphone will vary. With all the releases that I’ve explained above, you probably want to get one latest Phone. Try to save for the phone before the end of the month for the newest Smartphone model. Furthermore, you can use Coupon codes and promo codes from to save further on the next purchase.

Before the shopping finale of the year, it’s important to buy discounted items today from specific stores that have hot deals and discounted Items. To save further, keep your eyes open for electronics, Laptop and Smartphones releases from Samsung, Lenovo USA and iMyFone tech solutions. Always utilize specific store coupon codes and promo codes to save significantly on specific items.



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