Magoosh Review for GRE, GMAT, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LSAT, MCAT, IELTS, and Praxis

Magoosh Education Company

Just like any other person that is taking GRE or any other competitive test, I can predict with near certainty you are out there searching for a GRE revision and preparatory course. I can add you are out there with the ultimate aim of improving your chances of passing the test.

With so many options in the market, I am pretty sure you want to dive in with enough information to make sure you go for the best service provider. Magoosh, just like many other companies out there, has started offering such services to prepare you for the test.

What is Magoosh?


Magoosh is an online test preparation service provider based in California. The company educates students through live lessons, videos, and audio files. With the company, you will as well get many practice questions and online emails help.

Additionally, the company offers counseling and test preparations for other competitive tests such as GMAT, IELTS, Praxis, TOEFL, SAT, ACT, LST, and MCAT.

Four students who were by this time schooling at UC Berkeley Hass School of Business started the company in 2009. The team of four: Bhavin Parikh, Vikram Shenoy, Hansoo Lee, and Pejman started the company with the ultimate role of helping people prepare better for their online courses. The company released its first product-GMAT math practice questions in June 2009 and has since then been online, offering all the assistance needed along the way.

How does Magoosh work?


If you took the time to check their website, you would find out that they claim that students that haven’t had the chance to get access to extensive test preparation materials, including tests and questions, are disadvantaged. The main reason for this is because the test score needed to be accepted into schools has changed drastically.

For the above reasons, the creators wanted to make sure all the worried students have access to revision materials and can, at the same time, get access to high quality and effective test preparation resources. This will be unquestionable that these students are not severely disadvantaged.

The website will offer test revision materials and questions on the above-mentioned courses. All the contents are complete multimedia products, which means they are available in digital formats. This is to your advantage because you can access them from wherever you are at any point in time.

Upon choosing their premium packages, you will get access to thousands of practice questions, lessons taught by experts, flashcards, and video lessons. If you have any issues on the way, then you will get all the needed support from their team.

Is Magoosh Legit or another scam?

Now you are worried whether you are going to lose your entire money or you are likely to benefit significantly from Magoosh services! First and foremost, Magoosh has been in the market for almost ten years now with a reputable track record. They offer seven days trial, which means you can cancel the purchase for a full refund. That said, it’s easy to deduce that Magoosh is a very legitimate service provider.

Magoosh pros and Cons


Magoosh Pros

  • Magoosh plans are very affordable
  • It is a reputable company
  • The company is highly reviewed
  • Magoosh has a successful track record.
  • You get full-length practice tests

Magoosh cons

  • There’s no feedback for the practice
  • The company lacks tutoring and live support team

Magoosh Prices


Now that you are sure you can get reliable services from Magoosh, I know you are trying to wonder how much you will pay for the whole work. Today, the prices range from $49-$99. However, you will notice that there’s a noteworthy difference in their prices, depending on the services you request.

Some of their products and services are one time or a single purchase. This shows that you will just need to pay a onetime fee that guarantees you complete access to all the materials.

Refund Policy

Don’t assume a traditional refund policy from Magoosh. The company offers a 7 Day Free Trial of their programs and products. This means you will get limited access if you are opting to participate in their trial.

If you notice that this program is not for you within the course of 7 days, you are welcome to call the customer support and cancel the purchase for a full refund.

How reliable is their Customer service?

Every time I review a service provider, I always want to see whether the company offers reliable customer support in case of problems in the process. Magoosh customer care is very reliable, and so you can depend on them when you have issues with your account or when you have problems with the materials and questions. You can contact the company through or submit a direct query through the website.


There are many other companies in the market offering the same services. For this reason, you can expect that Magoosh faces stiff competition. However, one of her main competitors is Kaplan.

Magoosh vs. Kaplan

Magoosh vs. Kaplan

Now that you have all the information about Magoosh, you must have as well landed on another service provider: Kaplan. Who is better between the two, or how does Magoosh compare to Kaplan?

Magoosh will always top the list when it comes to the quality of revision materials and the prices. Furthermore, Magoosh offers the best and the most competitive prices in the market. You have to pay $149, and you will have access to the full library with a lot of revision materials. You also have an option to go for Videos and practice tests for one month

On the other hand, Kaplan has multiple different options. The good thing with Kaplan is that you can receive the revision materials in person during the live classroom sessions online. If you are not available during this time, you can actually get the revisions at your own pace. The self-paced option matches with the Magoosh prep plan and will go for $700.

You may think that now Kaplan is expensive and doesn’t offer additional features. Kaplan will be costly, but for all the right reasons. The option will come with:

  • 4 GRE textbooks and workbooks
  • 180 hours with of lessons in Video Library
  • 5,000 Practice questions
  • 7 Practical tests

The Baton is now on you, we have done our part of providing you reliable information about Magoosh and guiding you along the way, you now have to make the decision.


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