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Springboard Offers

Springboard is an online learning platform offering skills in data science, UX design, digital marketing, and business analytics. The platform recognizes that the learning needs of individuals are unique and hence the courses are self-paced. Besides, the learners receive one on one support from mentors and advisers who understand them.

To develop job-ready skills that are relevant in the job markets, the learners are connected to industry experts who guide them and prepare them for the real world by working on meaningful projects.

After the course is completed, the career coaches at springboard help students adapt to current trends in technical hiring and teach effective job search strategies. Due to this education model, the platform has been launched in more than 100 countries producing thousands of students. The prices for some of the courses can be high but we have an effective way to save up to 11% off your subscription with Springboard coupon codes and promo codes.

What is springboard data?

This is a self-paced online curriculum that creates and teaches data science skills needed to be a data analyst. The information is open source with the entire curriculum well structured with information on how to complete analysis through a different platform like Excel and python. The course has a job guarantee of six months’ failure to which your tuition is refunded.

What is Springboard online?

Springboard courses are done online with no physical location to attend the classes. All that is required is the internet and a device. The student has to plan their learning depending on their availability as there is no specified time for the classes.

Springboard has taken advantage of this situation and has managed to work with domain experts and hiring managers who curate the curriculum of articles, exercises, and videos that help learners develop the skills required.

Being conducted online, the learner can track their progress by checking off chapters and assignments that have been completed. There is a progress bar that tells how far along in the curriculum a student is performing.

The learner set goals and shares them with the mentor and he is in charge of their weekly calls. During these calls, the mentor gives feedback on your work and challenges the learners’ thinking.

The online platform also allows the learners to learn from their peers by asking questions and connecting with students and alumni who are in the same career path. There are weekly office hours that feature expert speakers and students’ presentations give a glimpse of the opportunities and developments in the industries making the learners stay on top of the industry trends.

Is springboard Legit?

The Springboard is legit. The fact that the company offers a refund on your school tuition if you do not land a job within six months, shows that they are not out to take our money. Based on the customer’s reviews, their website provides a detailed application process which is very simple to understand. They also have a chatbox on the website where you get responses instantly. Save on your subscription with the latest Springboard deals and coupon codes from Couponcodegroup.com.

How Springboard works.

Enroll in a springboard course

Education at springboard fits the learners’ schedule because the cohorts run monthly. Enrollment to these courses is done a few weeks before the class begins. In case the enrollments have not been opened yet, a student can sign up for the waiting list and are notified once they are open.

Get matched to your mentor

Each student is matched to a mentor using details filled in an online profile stating your availability and the skills you would like to develop. The mentor understands your goals, assists in problem-solving, and offers support throughout the process.

Best-in-class curriculums curated by experts

To create the best learning experience and outcomes, learning materials are curated by industry experts from the best sources. These materials are updated regularly to keep up with fast-changing technologies and trends.

Test and learn through real-life projects

Through case studies, projects based assignments, and problem sets, these skills are applied to real-world scenarios.

Get invaluable feedback

From your weekly mentor call, you will review concepts and get project feedback. The mentor also assists the student with job search, career planning, and interview tips.

Stay accountable and on track

To keep you moving forward and on track, you should set and review goals on weekly basis with your mentor. This ensures that the course is completed successfully.

Perfect your final project

At this point, the learner puts final touches with the mentor and prepares a presentation to show what they have learned throughout the course.

Graduate and earn a certificate

After completion of the course, the mentor presents a certificate of completion to the learner who then proceeds with a job search.

How good is springboard?

The platform offers inspiration by giving mentors and peers who have a passion for continuous learning. This is very crucial when you are transitioning into a new field or building a network to grow your career. Springboard’s responsibility does not conclude with the training.

They assist in the job search by helping to identify the best fit companies to work and teaching the best techniques to land a job interview. They conduct mock interviews with the learners to get them ready for the interviews in the real world and teach how to negotiate a salary without fear.

How to save on springboard?

You can pay in advance before enrolling for the course where you can get 16% when you pay upfront. This is called an upfront discount. Another payment mode is called month to month where you pay only for the months you are taking the course up to six months. There is also a deferred tuition plan which you pay after you start your data science job and finally climb a credit loan where you can finance your education with low monthly payments.

Our ideal learning experience should be suited to fit our living space. At springboard, you can get the best support from advisors and mentors who work around the clock to understand the learner better. It should be known that in recent times Springboard education should be preparing us for the real work hence it should be centered on meaningful projects under the guidance of the best experts. Therefore, sign up today and join the winning team under springboard and remember to save with 35% off Springboard.com coupon codes and promo codes from Couponcodegroup.com

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