Mindvalley Review: How legit is Mindvalley?

Mindvalley Reviews

In a world where technology is taking it all, you can expect to gain knowledge, skills and experience at the comfort of your home. But the process of looking for an online university is daunting and time consuming. The prices we pay in some online universities is also high. However, with the right information and knowledge, you can always land into some good deals in online classes.

Mindvalley is an online University offering some rotating series of courses that people can utilize for personal growth and to scale their skills further. The courses offered by Mindvalley are designed to help you go above the market limitations and become the expert you want. The cost for any of these courses is reasonable. Furthermore, you can save significantly on online courses through Mindvalley Coupon codes and promo codes. To help you make informed decisions and save further as you grow your skills, we have offered you a comprehensive review of one of the best online Universities in the market today.

What is Mindvalley and what does it offer?

Mindvalley Personal Growth Platform

Mindvalley is an online University that was founded by Vishen Lakhiani. The University is headquartered in Beaverton, OR. Mindvalley academy mainly focuses on transformational education. From Mindvalley.com website, they claim to be the world’s first online education website that is devoted to personal growth, entrepreneurship and self-education. Mindvalley is for every person that wants to grow the series of their skills at affordable rates and most importantly at the comfort of their homes.

Mindvalley offers a series of self-growth courses that really matter and those that evaluate human potential. This way, you have a chance to unlock your extraordinary life. The Mindvalley programming consists of online courses and real world events that includes mobile campuses moving from one city to the other.

How does the Mindvalley academy work: Courses and Pricing?

According to the information available on Mindvalley website, they have more than 2.5 million active users. Mindvalley academy also brags a world class pool of teachers, experts and thought leaders. The Mindvalley team is focused at building new models of education, wellness and the methods of leading your ideal life. This idea is known as Culture hacking.

In the platform, there are a couple of paid courses in many categories. There were approximately 30 English Language courses with actionable advice from personal growth Gurus such as Lisa Nicholas, Robin Sharma and Eric Edmeades. Here are the five categories that you can choose from.

Career and Influence

With this category, you have interviews with the world’s top entrepreneurs and professionals that can help you build your career. The price for this category varies greatly but the average price is $349.

Lifestyle and productivity

Mindvalley success story

In this category, learners have a chance to learn the skills that are necessary to stand-in consistency, accountability and foster support. Some examples includes Unleash your Brain from all Limitations and Develop a Super Memory by Jim and Learn the Difference between means goals and End Goals by Vishen Lakhiani. Most of the courses are Free but you can end up paying up to $399 for some of them.

Mind and spirit

This category will teach you how to achieve lifelong learning and challenge the core values and daily practices to set your mind free. The price for this category ranges from $349 to $845 with the completion certificate.

Health and Fitness

You will get access to all scientific breakthroughs and time tested wisdom about longevity, human health and fitness. The price is between $449 and $745.

Love and Relationships

The last category on the list is Love and Relationships which helps people that are struggling with love issues and help them focus more on the relationship with others. The price varies but ranges from $295-$495.

Is Mindvalley university legit?

Online universities and courses are on the rise and many people end up getting scammed. Most of the developers only wants to get your subscription fees and they mainly don’t offer quality services. Mindvalley has been featured in Inc. Magazine, The Forbes, BBC and Huffpost among several other publications. The company also has an A+ rating according to the Better Business Bureau reports. But I have found a couple of complaints regarding the Mindvalley unresponsive customer service.

Who is Mindvalley.com courses for?

Mindvalley course is for students above the age of 15 years. The main difference between Mindvalley and other online courses is that you have an endless adventure offered by Mindvalley by transforming institutionalized curricula. This is not a normal thing that you find with all courses. This specific unique feature makes Mindvalley the best educational platform.

Mindvalley Customer service

Mindvalley.com has a very good review in the internet but many people complains about the non-existent customer care. One customer left a 1 star review on TrustPilot.com claiming that when she tries to log in to her account, it says she’s not enrolled. She tried to contact customer care but four days later she didn’t get any response. The company mainly sends automated Bot responses that cannot help solve the issue.

Another customer claims that it’s very hard to update your email address especially if you change it. You will have to contact the company directly to change the email. The customer still complains that after weeks of contacting the customer service to help her change the email, she’s yet to get someone to solve this issue once and for all.

The good thing with this company is that they usually reply to some of this issues and offer solution where possible. But I would expect such a company should have a better customer service. As a matter of fact, most of the complaints in the market are about the poor customer service.

There are a couple of Mindvalley promos that you can access to save significantly in your next subscription. Today, you can get Free Master class on your order or a Free Master class on register now and get Robin Sharma’s Genius formula. For additional Mindvalley.com coupon codes and promo codes, head to Couponcodegroup.com.



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