Chamaripa Shoes Reviews: Best Elevator shoes

chamaripa shoes review

Chamaripa is a small to mid-size eCommerce site. The company sells its products and services in the shoes vertical. The company is the top and the most professional shoes brand that we have around. It was founded in 1996 and they have since then tried to meet all the requirements and the needs of the consumers in the market.


Chamaripa Shoes focuses entirely on making men and women shoes. Since its establishment in 1996, the company has struggled to take shoemaking to the next level. The shoes are handcrafted carefully to make sure that everything is put into details. They are carefully crafted going through 32 steps before its ready for the market. In this case, there’s no single detail that is small. They usually put equal efforts on every detail to make sure the shoes are well designed, comfortable and at the same time durable and high quality.

The company specifies in making elevator shoes that makes it easy for men to walk straight and they can as well make you stand with shoulders straight and head up. Chamaripa shoes are specifically made with heel lifts that give support to the arch. The shoes also add spring in steps to gain people’s confidence while walking.

The company also sells other products. As a matter of fact, the store’s website is categorized systematically to make it very easy for you to shop around and make all the purchases. Upon opening the website, you will come into some broad categories which include NEW featuring new arrivals in the case of men shoes. They feature more than 200 different style high heel shoes for men and women.

Chamaripa Shoes
Source: Chamaripa Shoes

The other category is MEN which features men dresses both formal and casual, Sneaker or trainers, High-end boutique shoes, Crocodile shoes, men accessories and many more. The next category is WOMEN which feature women’s elevator shoes with all the best shoes in the market. The site will also help you choose the best shoes and other products based on height.


There are several ways that you can save as you shop around. The first thing is to use the Buy 1 get 1 free initiative. You just have to add 2 pairs of ‘’Buy 1 get 1 free’’ label to the shopping cart which will help you save $149. You can as well save a lot of money after subscribing to the company’s official web site. After you complete the subscription, you will get 2% discount code that you can use on checkout.

The company also gives a $5 discount to express their gratitude for your positive feedback. These are some of the best ways to save. There are several other ways that you can use, you can start by looking for the best sites that stalk the company’s coupon codes sitewide.

What are some of the payment methods accepted? 

When you are completing the process of placing the order, it’s very easy to use any of the below payment methods. They accept payment methods including Western Union, Credit Card, PayPal and several other payment methods such as MasterCard, Visa, American Express, Discover, Switch and Maestro. However, the best method of payment is PayPal. There are several advantages that will accrue with the use of PayPal.

Chamaripa Packing and Shipping policy

After you place the order, the company will take a few days processing the order, pack it and eventually start the shipping process. As a matter of fact, the packaging process may vary depending on the number and the size of items ordered. The company will eventually ship the package on their original box. It is also very easy to determine the estimated shipping cost of any item to your location. As a matter of fact, the company makes it very easy for you to get the estimated fees.

The actual shipping costs will be displayed during checkout after inputting your actual destination address. The company uses DHL for all their shipping but they may as well use Express Mail. It may take up to 3 Business days to ship the order. The other thing to note is that Chamaripa doesn’t for any case take any responsibilities of the delayed shipments. The company doesn’t also take any responsibility for the manner in which the package was taken to DHL.

The good thing is that the company also offers free shipping using DHL, EMS or FedEx. However, you may have to wait up to 15 days depending on the shipping method you choose. They will as well give you a tracking number that you can at any time use to track your order.

What are their return and replacement policy?

The company accepts returns in 30 days after you receive the package. What this means is that if for any case you receive the shoe and detect any defects with it, you are supposed to get in touch with the customer support early enough. Ensure that shoes are unworn. If you want to try the shoes, then you have to do that on a carpeted surface. It may raise some concerns if the shoes are tried on a concrete surface or outdoors. The shoes should be returned in their original packaging and condition. After returning the shoes, the company will take some time processing the request and will eventually refund the money to the original method of payment that you used to pay.

Why Chamaripa is the best?

There are several reasons why this store tops the list of the best online shoe retailers in the market. The company focuses ultimately on manufacturing high-quality shoes and shoes that are classically designed and well-priced. They also make it very easy for you to make the purchases, make payments and receive the package. The store features a very responsive customer care desk that is always at the standby whenever there are any issues.

chamaripa shoes
Source: chamaripa shoes


Up to 10% Off Chamaripa Shoes coupon will help you to save on your order in 2019. You will also get other offers like 30% OFF sitewide or 35% off on specific items.


We also spared some time to look at the company’s reviews to see what some of the prior customers are saying. For this reason, we realized that most of their prior customers are very satisfied with the company and are very willing to refer their friends and even come back for more deals. However, there are some of them that are not happy about the price of the shoes. They feel like the shoes are highly priced.



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