Sleepez Reviews for Organic and Natural Latex Mattresses

Sleepez Latex Mattresses Reviews

It’s probably 3 months since Sarah received her new bed. Since she was so into making this purchase, I tried to inquire where she got her new bed and surprisingly she had purchased it from She explained that over this time, she hasn’t come into any problem with her new bed. This is the reason why I thought that today I should come open and try to look for some of the reasons why almost everyone today is talking about Sleepez mattress.

Its bed time and you want to relax after a busy day working. Have you ever taken the mattress you sleep on as a consideration when you think of upgrading your bedroom? Do you know that the quality of the mattress you sleep on makes a huge difference especially when you wants a good night sleep? Today we are here to review one of the best places to get your new mattress.

Most of the people are talking about Sleepez and for this reason we have to talk about it. Here, we are going to spare some time and talk about all the feature of Sleepez mattress, other products that they sell, how to make the order, what payment methods the company accepts and later check on to some reviews by the prior customers.

Products is mainly into selling mattresses and the best beddings to make your night time adorable. The company sells Latex mattresses including organic mattresses, Natural mattresses and Roma mattresses, they also sell other mattresses including Dog mattresses, RV mattresses, Ultimate King mattresses, Latex Sofa Bed and many more. This company is also aimed at offering the best foundations including adjustable bases such as Leggett & plat, Reverie and foundations including Natural wood.

You also get toppers including Latex topper and wool topper. If you need other bedding accessories including Zippered covers both natural cotton & wool and Organic Cotton & wool then this is the best place to be. also offers the buyers guide in every category to ensure that you have an easy time making the decision. They want to ensure that all the decisions you make in terms of ordering are informed.

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Payment methods

If you have already got the item you wanted to purchase and wants to make the payments, then offers many alternatives. They accept some of the main and the most popular payment options including MasterCard, Visa and American Express. What this means is that you have to be prepared with all the card details before you complete the purchase.

Shipping and deliveries takes a shorter time processing the orders and later ships them through some of the fastest and the safest shipment methods including FedEx. They offer free shipment for all the orders made in the US but you have to add a fee when you are making the order in other parts of the world.

The orders will be delivered within 5 business days and for that reason you can expect to receive your item within a short period of time. The shipment days excludes all the public days and other world public days.

Return policy

In case you don’t like any of the products that you purchase in this site, there is always an option to return the item for compensation, refund or replacement. You just have to contact the customer service and everything else will follow.


As you would expect, there are several people who have already purchased products on this site. Most of them have reviewed their experience with the company and also commented on some of the products. As a matter of fact, majority of those who bought Sleepez mattress agree that all the products sold here are of high quality and blend well with all the needs of the customers.

Customer satisfaction is 77% Roma and 80% select sleep. At the time of this review, the Luxerion and Ultra King models didn’t have any satisfaction rating. What this means is that most of the people are satisfied with all the products they purchase here and they are willing to refer their friends for the same experience.

Why is the best?

As you would expect, there are several pros and cons of buying products in this site. After taking a close look at some of their products and listening to the experiences that some of the prior customers had, we came to realize that most of their products are of high quality. For this reason, the pros of buying a mattress, accessories in this site outweigh the cons.


  • The mattress has customizable firmness, Thickness and composition options.
  • The mattress also doesn’t produce any noise.
  • All the orders will be shipped for free in the US.
  • The site also has A+ rating from BBB.
  • The mattress is also proved to have a longer than average lifespan.


There are some of the people that have made it clear on some cons they have experienced with the mattress. Some of the complaints are based on the:

  • Week edge support
  • Heavy and difficult to move
  • There’s a fee for all the returns, in fact it is a $99 fee for all the returns.

With all the advantages stated above, it is now easy to make your decision in this case. When you are looking for the best mattress in the market, then there are several options available but this is the best. Some of their products are also sold on other sites and the rating is still high.

Another good thing about is that they offer buyers guide in all the categories. You don’t have to be confused every time you are making any decision. Their customer care is always available to replay to all the queries by the customers.

The company also offers different payment methods to ensure that people from all parts of the world are provided with a fast and safer method of payment. You can pay via MasterCard, Visa and American Express.

The bottom line

For those people who are looking for the best site to purchase the best mattress and the best beddings for your bed time then this is the best site for you. All the products purchased in this site are of high quality and offers exactly what the buyers are looking for.



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