11 Best Examples of Omni-Channel Marketing in 2019


Never think that you are the first person in the world to provide certain type of product or service. Today there’s competition, there’s struggle for a larger market share. What this means is that there are a couple of businesses that are today taking all the chances to ensure they are commanding a larger market share. As a matter of fact, they are implementing all the marketing strategies including Omni Channel marketing to make it a reality.

What is Omni-channel marketing?

What is Omni Channel Marketing

This refers to the idea of providing an all-in-one user experience in all the channels that are relevant to the buyer’s voyage. This term is complicated but every serious marketer already knows about it. The term Omni Channel refers to multi-channel sales approach that will actually provide the customers with an essential customer experience. It addresses the experience when the buyer is shopping from a mobile device, a desktop or even a telephone which is actually seamless.

The reality of the matter is that a tech user will spend an average of three devices a day to make a situation a reality. The research actually shows that 90% of tech users actually do that. This doesn’t essentially count the attention spent offline with print media, in storefront, outbound ads and other offline resources.

The more technology advancements that come to use every day, the more they are implemented on our daily lives. Even now as you try to read this article. I can guess with near certainty that there are several connected devices within arm’s reach.

As more and more people change the way they see technology, investors, marketers, sales people and even customer help service providers are reacting swiftly.

Companies that are today pulling these channels together will without any compromise gain a huge piece of a projected $1.8 trillion in cross-channel sales. It is also known that brands that are implementing Omni channel marketing stands a chance to retain about 89% of their prior customers.

To understand what Omni Channel is, we have examined 11 leading brands that are investing a lot on customer experience.


Walmart Omni Channel Marketing Strategy

This is an American Multinational corporation with a chain of superstores. It actually makes it very easy for people to get discounts on their department stores and grocery stores. The company has over the time made it very possible for their customers to get exactly what they need with ease.

With that in mind, Its actually very fair to state that Walmart is dominating the Omni-channel charge. They have over the time implemented a couple of improvements to the tune of $1.2 billion as they focus on their Omni channel shopper. Walmart CEO actually stated that he believes the company will be the first one to deliver a seamless shopping experience to their customers.


alibaba Omni Channel Marketing

No one expected that Alibaba will be on the list of the retailers that are implementing Omni channel marketing. As a matter of fact, their Managing Director at UK and Nordics said that they were not focusing on Omni-channel but the retail experience regardless of the channel. This shows that they are on the list today for all the good reasons.


Sephora Omni Channel Marketing

Sephora is another very amusing company that has implemented the same technology on their marketing strategies. The company has actually built relationship between them and the customers by simply offering beauty workshops, touchscreens and makeovers. You can additionally log into their account to view shopping history.


starbucks omni channel marketing

This is a coffee shop that has actually pushed the boundaries by staying on the digital side of the market. You can actually pay with the company’s card that you can get through their website, phone or app, you get rewards. This and many other reasons means that the company is not just a coffee shop but a consumer crave.


Nordstrom Omni channel Marketing

Nordstrom focuses so much on customer convenience. They have actually facilitated social media integration on Instagram and Pinterest which now makes it very easy for the shoppers to click on a posted photo and be directed immediately and straight to the product page.

Crate and Barrel

Crate and Barrel Omni Channel Marketing

With this trendy home furnishing retailer, it’s extremely easy to enable customer search for products with their tablets. You can as well view real time inventory. When you peruse the store, you can scan barcodes to read reviews, add items to the cart and also see the product specifications.

Value city Furniture

Value city Furniture omni channel marketing

Just like many other furniture retailers in the world, Vale City furniture knows that it can be very emotional to purchase a furniture. For this reason, the company nurtures the customer relationship through emails and automated cart follow-ups.

Neiman Marcus

Neiman Marcus Omni channel marketing

This company opens a room for all the shoppers that seek an elevated experience. They actually pore over analytics to create marketing that customers can assume smart. You can easily remember size preferences from your previous purchases and also use geolocation to see items that are available in nearest stores.


Amazon Omni Channel Marketing

I know you thought this company cannot be out of the list. It’s a retail giant that always wants to keep their customers. Today, they are using data to engage with the customers and also are developing a inclusive picture of consumer behavior. Additionally, the company caries a sitewide analysis to determine what works and what doesn’t.

Old Navy

old navy omni channel marketing

Everyone knows about Old Navy. This summer, the company kick started their Omni-channel marketing strategy. The company is actually expanding their efforts in the US. A major advancement is the consumer’s ability to check store availability of items and at the same time select a ‘’buy online or pickup at the store’’ option for a better user experience.


Disney Omni Channel Marketing

Disney is thought as the most imaginative brand in the world that has as well choose Omni channel marketing for their users. With Disney, it’s today not necessary to waste time at the gear or even rent a car. You also don’t need to carry cash because they have a functional strategy to make your work easier. They have actually linked MagicBand to your Credit card.



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