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Sprint Reviews and Offers

What is sprint?

Sprint is an upcoming retailer that provides the latest smartphones and tablets from the main manufacturers including, LG, HTC, Apple and Samsung among many other companies. It is actually your one-stop shop for all the coolest accessories from award winning fashion-forward designers and tech innovators. The company works closely with some tech giants such as Boomstick, Fitbit, Otterbox, Beats, Harman Kardon and Kate spade.

Their business serves companies of all sizes and clients from any field. What this means is that they have a helping hand to all the medium sized companies and even small businesses. They have for a long time been providing wide portfolio of wire line, Internet of Things and wireless products. Today, Sprint has all customized wireless programs for businesses like yours. All their products and services ensures that you meet all your business objectives including sales, customer service and employee welfare.

You can trust their IoT products including sensors and modules on their networks that connects cities, companies and other things that makes people live more harmoniously, efficiently, dynamic and conveniently.

Is Sprint.com a scam?

With the information shared in this brief, you can be sure that splint.com is a genuine service provider. How do I know? First and foremost, this company has known executives including their CEO and the members of the board. Secondly, very few scam companies could offer such a high quality website. Scams cannot also survive for such a long time.

Sprint will give you 30 days free trial which means they trust their products and services. Not many websites can do that especially if they have doubts with their products and services. Besides offering you an opportunity to buy or lease smartphones, and tablets, you can as well get watches that they trust in terms of quality and functionality.

Their plans and promotions

Sprint has everything for you in terms of wireless plans. They boast that they are at the top of the list today in providing the highest value in the industry. The company claims to offer monthly wireless pricing plans. They also offer handset financing options to ensure that all your needs and those of the company are achieved.  Here are some of their plans:

Unlimited Data, talk and SMS

This company is one of the best providers for unlimited data, text and talk. You don’t have to worry anymore about going over monthly data allotment.

Payment options for Devices

This company will offer anybody out there a chance to buy the latest device even if it takes leasing which I term as the most economical ways of getting a smart device today. They offer an easy pay method where you are only required to pay the full amount in 24 months.

International Plans

Although splint hasn’t embarked on a mission to offer their services internationally, they want to ensure that all their customers are connected while they are travelling around the world. This is achieved through Splint Open world and Sprint Global Roaming.

No contract mobile plans

Sprint also offers no contract mobile plans that already have a couple of unlimited plan options for their customers. This is especially helpful to customers that are seeking no-contract mobile solution.

What you can get today

The site today offers you an opportunity to lease the new iPhone 11 for only $15/month. They assure you that this holiday you can stay connected regardless of where you are in the world. Among the many plans they offer, here are the ones you can unwrap today.

  • Unlimited Kick start $35 per month-This plan gives you a lot of unlimited for only $35 every month. They also assure you that there’s no annual contact if you buy your new phone or bring your own phone.
  • Unlimited Basic Plan-This other plan is available at $60 per month that comes with Hulu.
  • The other plan is the Unlimited Plus plan that comes with $70 per month plus Hulu and Tidal.
  • Lastly, you will get the unlimited premium plan for $80 per month. It’s actually the splint’s best plan that comes with Prime, Hulu and Tidal.


There are many benefits that will accrue immediately you choose Sprint. Some of these benefits will continue to the end of the subscription while others will accrue until the end of the limited free trial. These benefits include:

  • 30 days free trial-This means that the company guarantees you 100% total satisfaction
  • You also experience blazing fast speeds
  • You can buy online and pick up in store.
  • The plans are included with the Hulu for additional experience.

Orders and shipping policy

The company has made it very easy via their website to check when the status of your order. This means you can easily check when the order will arrive and whether it’s approved or not. It’s also very easy to cancel the order any time before the speculated shipping time. If for any case you are not satisfied with the device you receive, you can at any time of the day order a return kit.

Sprint Customer care

Most people agree that their customer care is one of the most reliable and trusted in solving customer issues.  If you have any issues with the ordering process or if you are getting trapped anywhere, you can always contact their customer care and everything else will follow. The customer service takes the shortest time to reply all your inquiries and help you along whether you want to order a return kit or you want to know the status of your order.

Bottom Line

With the increased demand for smartphones and reliable unlimited data, text and talk plans, you expect that people are out there looking for a reliable provider. Splint.com is the best service provider out there that you can trust with all your needs. You don’t have to deal with failed orders and late deliveries while you can get in touch via Splint website and receive services on time. The site has known Board of directors and also gives you 30 day free trial meaning it is a genuine service provider.



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