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Lavender Fields Bedding

There are very many options available when talking about timeless designs but Lavender fields is one of its kinds. The company is dedicated to help all their customers have a beautiful home and a very comfortable place to reside. They also have an online shop and a curated brick-and-mortal shop where you can shop for any of their products. In this Lavender Fields Review, we will talk about all what makes this company a good option for you and at the same time check on what their prior customers are saying.

Before we proceed, a Lavender field was started in 2001 by Lori. By this time, it was being founded as a company to offer services for all needs for interior design with interests in art and also making use of beautiful textiles and furniture. The company started as a small brick-and-mortal store which was located in the historic village of Port Jefferson, New York. In this store, they feature all what you can find in their website and also serves as a Lori’s creative outlet. The founder grew up with some interests in fine craftsmanship and good design.

Lavender Fields Summer Scents

Lavender fields offers free shipping for all orders above $50.What this means is that you shouldn’t worry about worldwide shipping. If you make any purchases over $50, you can sit down and wait for your order. It’s also very simple to find free shipping coupons at any time you want. As a matter of fact, you can check for Lavender fields free shipping coupon codes or even visit Coupon Code Group for more promo codes, coupon codes and other discount codes. Today, you can get Memorial Day sale and save up to 20% off with the Code ‘’Memorial’’. Signing up to their official newsletter will save you 15% off your first order. So please hurry up and take advantage of that.

What to buy on Lavender fields

Lavender Fields Coastal Style

There are several things especially furniture and interior designs that you can buy from their official online store or on their offline store. Their online store is categorized systematically and hence makes it very easy for you to shop around and place an order. As a matter of fact, you can buy furniture by brand or subcategories that are available. There are several high quality bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, living room furniture, Home office furniture and Entryway Furniture that you can buy from their online store with ease. It is also very easy to purchase Rugs, lighting, throws, candles, Pillows, Mirrors, art and accents with ease from the second category.

Lavender Fields Stripes

Lavender fields also sells bedding and bath accessories including duvets, quilts, sheets, coverlets and bedspreads, beddings, shams, Blankets, pillowcases, , bed skirts, decorative pillows and Box spring covers among many others. If you have children and wants to buy them some good decorative and beautiful items from Lavender fields, then get to the Baby and Children category. Here, you can buy children furniture, crib bedding and blankets, Children art and decor Gifts and keepsakes, Natural baby mattresses and several other things.

Lavender Fields Beach Arrivals

For women who needs the best Totes, Pajamas, apparels, Robes, Nightgowns and Nightshirts and even jewelry, they can purchase exactly that on the Women Category. For perfumes, colognes, soaps and candles, get to the Apothecary category. You can as well buy some gifts from the company without any hustle.


With the quality you are promised, easy and fast shipping and even the value you can expect, it’s very easy to assume that most of the items and products from Lavender fields are very expensive. True, some of the furniture is expensive but not out of reach. Lavender fields have specifically priced their products to make sure that customers regardless of their social status can afford them. You can order furniture from as low as $80.Though, some of them retail at a very high price of up to $4,963.00. The good thing is that you will not incur any shipping costs.

Shipping policy, Return Policy and warranties

Just like any other online retail shop, Lavender field makes sure that all the items purchased are shipped within the shortest time possible. The amount of money you pay for shopping will be directly based on the price of the orders you place. The company also gives you standard and second day shipping. However, this applies to the 48 contiguous states only. For all the orders below $50, you are likely to pay $5.95 while those above $50 will ship for free. The company also ships internationally but you first of all have to contact them before you make up your mind.

Any item purchased can be returned for exchanges and refunds within 30 days. The method of returning is simple and easy. Just call their toll free number 866-898-5461 and the customer service will be very free to assist you along the way.


There’s no way you can check for reviews from their prior customers. Their website doesn’t have any reviews for any of the items they sell. What this means is that it is very difficult to determine what their prior customers had to say. Though, with the prices set and the quality promised by the company, you can be sure that everything will be okay till the end.

Final verdict

This is one of the most amazing companies we have around. If for any case you want to buy any of the products listed above, this is the best company. All their products are priced perfectly to make sure everybody can afford them. They are also high quality and hence you shouldn’t be worried about the value. Lavender fields also make it easy to place and order and receive it at home. Offering free shipping for all the goods above $50 is an offer you shouldn’t miss. Now there are several coupons you can combine for your next purchase to make sure you don’t waste a lot of money. All said and done, Lavender fields has a friendly return policy that gives you enough time to test the item and eventually ship back with ease if any problem exists.

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lavender-fields-review-home-furnishing-bedding-home-decor-giftsThis is one of the most amazing companies we have around. If for any case you want to buy any of the products listed above, this is the best company. All their products are priced perfectly to make sure everybody can afford them. They are also high quality and hence you shouldn’t be worried about the value.


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