Gold Medal Wine Club Honest Review


Gold Medal Wine Club was formed in 1992. The vision of the company being to set standards for the Wines by offering the wine club members a variety of premium and hard-to-find wines from small family owned wineries in California and those that are not easily found in stores.  With each set of featured wines, the vision has been fulfilled. Over the years, the club has managed to introduce its members to more than 500 different wineries and over 1000 wines. Get up to 40% Gold Medal Wine club coupon codes and promo codes in 2021.

The club offers six different wine club options you can easily choose from depending on your budget and wine preferences. The wines featured are offered at an incredible value selected to impress the clients.

  • Diamond Wine Club

Started in 1995, It features upper echelon wines with a 93+ rating wine with small production. The wines are from California and the world’s most renowned winemakers. Shipment of the diamond Wine Club is done every quarter and includes two premium selections almost always red along with an exclusive publication of their impeccable credentials. The option is only limited to 500 members therefore very few individuals have managed to taste the wine in this category. This level of quality was the first in the wine industry and until today, has not been achieved by any other wine club. Due to this reason, membership is sold quickly and still in high demand. The cost per shipment ranges from $175-$205.

  • Platinum Wine Club

The club features rare and premium wines with a 90+ rating wine from California’s greatest wine winemakers. It occasionally includes pre-release and exclusives only available to the members. The cost per shipment is $88-$108. In the monthly shipments, the members receive two specialized selected wines along with a newsletter detailing the wines, wineries, and a personal note from the winemaker. Since its inception, over 1,000 different wines have been featured in this wine club.

  • International Wine Club

This Wine Club features rare imported, ultra-premium wines sourced from hidden wine country estates. Each quarterly shipment is from a different country and it ranges between $69 to $89. The selected shipment contains two different reds and one white or occasionally Rose along with a newsletter publication with details on the wines, winery, wine-growing region, and country of origin. It has another section explaining how to read an international wine label, fun facts of the featured country, and much more.

  • Pinot Noir Wine Club

For the members who love great Pinot Wines, this is the best option for them. The monthly shipments contain two different bottles of highly regarded, incredible limited-production Pinot Noirs wines sourced from famous wine-growing areas like Oregon, California Winemakers, and on occasion from acclaimed International Wineries.

  • Garagiste Wine Club

Garagiste comes from a French term used to describe independent, artisan winemakers that handcraft small batches on their own and have not been discovered by the mainstream yet. This is the most ideal Wine Club for members who love finding rare fascinating wines before they are discovered and hit the market. Each selection is limited to small-lot winemakers who typically produce less than 1,500 cases annually and therefore are impossible to find in the marketplace. The shipments are done monthly and contain 2 or 4 bottles mostly Red with the cost ranging between $59 to $79. The selections are from California but occasionally from Washington or Oregon.

  • Gold Wine Club

This is the most popular club featuring California’s best, small-production, and family-owned wineries. The cost per shipment is $39 with each shipment containing two very hard to find quality wines along with an informative color publication detailing the wines featured for that month and the history of the winery.

Is Gold Medal Wine Club Legit?

Wines featured in these six clubs must meet strict selection criteria that include multiple medals of excellence from major wine competitions, a High rating of 88 points, and above from national wine publications such as; Wine Enthusiast, Wine Spectators, Wine & Spirit, and Robert Parker’s The Wine Advocate. The club also ensures it does not feature private label, bulk, or close-out wines which means they come from a real working Winery with 100% authentic.

The process of joining the club is easy with the steps well elaborated on the website. Should a member decide to cancel their membership, there is no cancellation fee and the customer care representative offers alternative options to cancellation like delay in shipping until a future date, change of subscriptions from monthly to Quarterly, or shipping the wine to a designated place like a vacation or temporary location. Saving with Gold Medal Club Coupons and deals from is a wise idea.

How Good is Gold Medal Wine?

Should you decide not to enjoy the wines featured in these clubs immediately after receipt, it is possible to cellar them. For white wines, they can be enjoyed 5+ years from the vintage date while for red wines, they can be enjoyed 10+ from the vintage date.

The members of the Gold Club, platinum club, and diamond club have an access to Wine Plus Program which gives members a special add-on option to the regularly scheduled deliveries allowing the members to access more outstanding hard to find selections. The prices vary depending on the Wine Club. For Gold Wine Club the plus wine ranges from $19-$22, for Platinum Wine Club it is $45-55 whereas for the Diamond club it is $69-$99.

Shopping on the Wine store is not only for members but is open to non-members who get great deals as all the wines are discounted off their original retail price. How to save on Gold Medal Wine Clubs

  1. Referral Program

If you refer someone who joins the club, you receive a free bottle in the next shipment while the new member also receives a free bottle. This means the more members you refer the more wine you receive for free without spending an extra coin on it hence saving your money.

  1. Wine club member Rewards

Members shopping in the wine store receive instant membership rewards. An additional to 6 bottles on the store which have a minimum of 2 bottles per wine unless specified otherwise, means you can save up to $100 since you earn bigger discounts.



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