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Business cards were vital and have still retained their significance in this virtual world. The cards are destined to help the business establish healthy personal relationships with the current clients. It is also considered as a marketing tool that can help create trust, send the message and also establish brand.

Every company out there is looking for someone to help with the process of printing and delivering quality business cards at the most affordable costs. To bridge this gap and allow a higher chance of finding such services easily, Psprint was established.

What is Psprint?


Psprint is a printing company that is established as part of the Deluxe corp. family of companies. The company combines the best minds with the most reliable technology to deliver quality cards at the lowest cost possible. The company has been marked as one of the best online printing companies that you can find out there.

When shopping on Psprint, you don’t have to pay the whole amount since you can opt for psprint coupon code Free shipping or other coupon codes to save significantly site wide. At this point in time, we are going to walk you through the whole company, their printing methods, shipping and return policy, their prices and most importantly the reviews and user comments from their previous customers.

What products to buy on Psprint?


This company normally sticks with paper printing. However, there are several other products you can buy from their website besides those business cards. These products includes realm, booklets, notepads, stickers and banners. You can also order non-paper products such as magnets and coasters. The company also offers professional design services. This is for people that want to extend their artistic services.

Psprint price

The pricing for this printing company is very hard to nail down. This is simply because of the 60% discount that appears on the order page. We had to test and see whether this discount is still there and after two weeks it was still on the front page. This means that the 60% off discount is not a one-shot deal.

Though, we have tried to check on their prices and brought you the below information about it. The lowest option on their ordering page will cost you $8.06 for 50 cards on glossy C1S 14-PT. This cost is after applying the said discount on the checkpoint.  If you didn’t get the meaning of C1S, let me explain to you. This term means that the card is coated on one side.

With such price information, it’s very easy to deduce that has the lowest prices in the market for you. To save further, you can opt to coupon codes, promo codes and other discount codes from Couponcodegroup.

The next option was to pay $8.30 for the minimum order of 100 cards. If you opt to take the 500 cards, then you will probably pay less than 2cents per card. For faster production, you will be expected to pay more. This means that if you are not willing to wait for a few days, you can pay an extra buck for super fast deliveries.

The most expensive options are $31.90 for a 25 cards. This information means that you have to make the decision depending on what you want and eventually pay for your cards.

The most expensive order you can buy from psprint is the full color on both sides cards. The jumbo square shape and the soft touch 15pt. velvet cardstock is also expensive.

Designing your business cards online


With Psprint, you can browse its pool of over 250 card templates to get the inspirations and design your business cards online with coupons on Banner Buzz. You can as well upload your design in any format including EPS, PNG, TF, JPG or PDF formats.

Their templates look very good and modern. Their card-designing interface is also very clear and intuitive for every kind of a designer. The designing panel comes with a left panel where you can add text, objects, and images ad lines. Additionally, there’s another panel for switching templates. With such abilities, you can easily move text boxes and images anywhere you want in the card.

The end results and print quality

After ordering your cards or any other product from Psprint, you will instantly receive an email. After this, you will also gat another email telling you that your order has shipped.

That shows that the company is very serious with all the orders and is likely to help you with any issue you get along the way. For faster deliveries, you can pay more at checkout. However, if you are not in a hurry with the products and cards, you can wait further for your deliveries.

The quality of all the products is top-notch and you will not have anything to complain about. I bet this is the exact thing you are looking for and you didn’t want anything to complain about.

Shipping policy

The company takes 5 days to deliver your orders. I think this is perfectly viable to you unless you want super fast deliveries. In the case o super fast deliveries, you will have to pay more for the same order.

Psprint pros

  • The quality of cards is top-notch
  • Awesome card-design interface
  • Affordable services
  • Ability to design your own cards
  • Save up to 60% on your next order.

Psprint cons

  • The pricing details are unclear

Psprint customer reviews

As indicated earlier, Psprint is one of the most popular business cards print company. For that reason, the website has delivered cards and many other products to many customers who have definitely rated their overall experience. Most of them believes that the company services are affordable and the shipping policy is very accommodative. Their customer care is also very responsive and the overall quality of the business cards is not compromised.

Final verdict

One of the main competitors of psprint is Vistaprint. Comparing the two companies h2h, psprint is better in terms of the quality and pricing. So, try the products today but make sure you are utilizing coupon codes from



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