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Barton Publishing

If you like reading about natural health or buy home care solutions, chances are you have come across Barton publishing. It is a company that promises to help you on tackling health problems such as diabetes. But like another company out there promising magic’s, you need to evaluate if it needs legit or scam.

In this article, I’ll share Barton publishing review detailing essential and significant details about this company. Note this article is meant for educational purpose and not to advertise what Barton publishing is claiming to offer. All the information in the article is collected from the Barton publishing website.

In addition, I’ll look at other leading website reviews where customers who purchase what Barton publishing offer have to say. These data will help you come to an informed decision if you buy the Barton products or not. More so, determine if Barton publishing is a scam or not.

About Barton Publishing

Joe Barton created Barton Publishing in 2004, and it has since grown to become one of the most well-known digital publishers for natural health and home care solutions, with over 1 million books sold, including the best-selling diabetes solution kit and the leading natural health bulletin. It Is Possible To Heal Yourself At Home. The primary goal of Barton Publishing is to assist people in achieving excellent and amazing wellness through natural healing solutions.

Barton Publishing claims to have a unique method for dealing with a variety of diseases and ailments. The company claims to be able to provide publications at a low cost with the easiest budget and report solutions and packages.

The company has been featured in Inc, Forbes, The Huffington Post, NPR, Entrepreneur, and many other publications. It is an indication it is a popular company. Still, nevertheless, there is a need to evaluate if it needs to offer what it claims and look at different customer reviews.

Some of the products which have helped the company become popular include HomeCures, Blood Pressure Solution Kit, Acid Reflux Solution Kit, and Brain Health Kit are just a few of the game-changing natural health solution and remedy books they’ve written.

The company has helped Joe Barton rise through the ranks to become one of the best health solution and home remedy publishers since 2004. He aims to bring healing and hope to those in need and bring together people and goods that positively impact.

Some of the most popular books published by Barton Publishing include diabetes remedy kit, home remedies that function, and others. With Foster Children, Barton Publishing is making a difference. For the last year, Barton’s family has been offering respite care to foster children, and it’s inspiring to see how much the kids are valued.

What Products offered by Barton Publishing


Barton publishing main products are published to address common illnesses and diseases that affect most people. These products are affordable for those on a tight budget, and they are a tried-and-true solution. If you wish to purchase Barton publishing products, either Health e-books or solution kits, they are available from Barton Publishing. The following are some of the latest health e-books available in the store:

  • Diabetes solution kit
  • Acid reflux solution kit
  • Remedy library by ‘Dr. Scott Saunders,
  • MD’, natural brain repair kit,
  • Blood pressure solution kit
  • Fat loss remedy showcasing 27 natural weight loss and fitness
  • The kidney stone removal report
  • Home cures that work dehydration remedies report.
  • The rocket fuel of youth solution kit
  • 27 natural remedies
  • The ADD/ADHD solution kit,
  • Many other e-books accessible digitally and as hard copies.

You can also get medication products that have been proven to help with illnesses like CinnaChroma advanced blood sugar support solution with 30 capsules, which helps with metabolism and blood sugar regulation.

Nervala is a 30-capsule advanced peripheral nervous system support formula that helps to keep the nerves healthy. TurmericBP+ is a potent anti-inflammatory and antioxidant formula that comes in 30 capsules and promotes brain activity, cardiovascular health, and many other benefits.

How Barton publishing products help

The target of all publication developed by Barton Publishing is to aid in treating a variety of diseases and illnesses. The company’s products are sold at low prices while maintaining high quality and delivering assured performance. The company has organized its website to have no trouble finding the goods they want to purchase.

Those who want to learn more about natural remedies can do so by downloading Barton Publishing health E-books to their phones. The business also sells solution packages. Acid reflux and high blood pressure are two health issues that natural treatments from Barton Publishing can help with.

The company also sells a brain health kit that guarantees that one’s brain is in good working order, preventing forgetfulness. The organization is committed to providing high-quality service to its customers. It has a client support team prepared to respond to any questions or concerns that a customer may have.

How to contact Barton Publishing

You can contact Barton publishing on their products by sending an email at The company will respond to your email within 1-2 business days. Besides, you call the company through a toll-free phone number 888-356-1146. If you call from the US and Canada or contact outside the US and Canada, use +1 617-603‑0085.

Is Barton Publishing a trustworthy company? Is it legit?

Barton Publishing, from their website they have tried to establish they are a legit company. However, from their disclaimer, there is a red flag. The disclaimer says that the FDA has not reviewed any of the details on their website.

They also knowledge the products they are offering are not meant to be used to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. It is, however, contrary to what they when advertising their product in that they claim some of the solution kits can help cure certain illness. It leads to a conclusion they are not sure, and they are lying.

Customers reviews about Barton publishing

Diving into customers who have purchased Barton publishing products is there are more than 50% negative reviews. On Sitejabber, an online reviewing website, customer rating stands at 2.73/5 stars. It is an indication most people are unhappy with what the company is offering.

Also, from another company, Amazon looking at one of the products offered by Baton Publishing, the customer rating stands at 2.8 out of 5 stars.

Final words

Barton publishing may look to offer attractive products but looking at the disclaimer alone; there is one conclusion, Barton publishing doesn’t offer what it claims to be offering. They don’t have medical experts, and more so, they don’t reveal how they develop some of the solutions they are selling.

Furthermore, the founder of this company has no medical background hence is not competent to be offering medical advice because the issues they are trying to remedy requires a medical expert. In few words, it is to say you can lose your money because there is no guarantee what you buy will be effective. Barton Publishing is not worth your money.



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