What is EnjoyThe Wood?

wall map for hall

We all need the best home décor but this doesn’t mean you should drain your financial reserves to get it. Enjoythewood.com brings some of the best looks in your home helping set the mood and the atmosphere for family and friends. The company helps you express how you feel and live in a natural way. Wouldn’t you want to find ways in your daily live that can help you save money and at the same time get some wonderful décor ideas? Shop with home décor coupons and promo codes from couponcodegroup.com for the hottest deals in home décor and designs from Enjoythewood.com.

What is Enjoy the wood?

This is a Ukrainian family brand dealing with handcrafted and unique accessories from wood. The company was launched in 2015 to pursue the international market. However, they have experience that date back up to 20 years in production of quality products. The gifts are of high quality and of highest level of creativity. All their products are purely 100% organic and also ecofriendly.

Is EnjoyTheWood legit?

This unique company has been highly rated and all their production is 100% original and made just in the right way. It is a company that started as a passion amongst family members and now it has grown its customer base to over 20000 clients in the world. Therefore, it is a trusted brand that will give you the desired outcome of your order. According to various reviews I have come across on the clients’ feedbacks, I can assure that whatever you do or order to their site is certified and compliant to the latter.

What services does EnjoyTheWood offer?

They deal with various wooden products based on the taste and preference of a potential customer. Passion is what drives this family. Whatever they craft for you will definitely bring you back for more. Based on their experience for over twenty years, then whatever you want crafted will be delivered handy with 100% guarantee they will not let you down. Let us go through some of the products they craft.

Wooden world maps

LED 3D Wood World Map

With their world map you can add a taste of beauty and art in your house. Make your home feel special and cozy with EnjoyTheWood world map. It is purely art, beautiful and attractive. This is a piece of art depending on the dimension that will make your inner house walls look different and unique with such art.

Wooden street maps

These are great piece of art to have on your walls of the house. It is flawless and intricately cut capturing every road, street and also highways headed to the main core of the city. Once it is up on the wall, it offers such a breathtaking perspective of the interior design.

Recipe books


EnjoyTheWood also offer wonderful wooden cook books. They can be used for various activities which include a writing journal, sketch books, photo albums and even wedding albums among others. They are uniquely crafted to your required standards and availed to you on time.

Wooden gifts

Uniqueness is a virtue when it comes to EnjoyTheWood. Gift giving should be easy and pleasant. You can find a variety of all kinds of gifts at their stores. All one has to do is contact them and they will help deliver the perfect gift that will be uniquely crafted for you.

EnjoyTheWood discount codes and promo codes

Coming up and choosing discount promo from EnjoyTheWood can be hectic and vigorous task. There might be different choices but it is advisable to get the best by taking your time to analyze and differentiate the varying options. When choosing promo and discount codes, there are several factors to consider. These Include the following:

  • Duration of promotion offer
  • The total discount offered
  • Expiration date of the code
  • Success rate
  • Verifiability
  • Usage rate
  • Its reliability.

How to save money from EnjoyTheWood?

Ordering and getting any product EnjoyTheWood there are several factors to consider. They include following;

  1. Preferred budget-In any purchase of a product, it is advisable to first prepare a budget so that you will not be undecided when you opt to get your preferred product. It therefore important to have a budget that will give you confidence as you can be able to choose features you need and stick to it.
  2. What do you exactly need?-Take your time and find the right product that will perform what exactly you really want and not based on the number of functions available.
  3. Additional Features-First you should make sure that you pay for the right features you want. There is absolutely no need to get one with more features that you do not really require.
  4. Using coupons and promo codes-Enjoy the wood coupon codes and promo codes can greatly save you money. For that reason, always check around for up to 5% Off coupon code on the Big 2020 sale on com.


Once you have made the choice and placed an order, it will take 3-6 business days to deliver. All the orders are prepared during business days which run from Monday to Friday. It is also important to note that sending or preparing and shipping are different processes. Therefore, they take different durations and their terms vary accordingly. So, when you have made an order please take into account the options.


They use the following options to send. These include UPS Worldwide Saver, USPS and Ukrposhta. International shipping is very different. There are several underlying conditions that make it unpredictable. These include delays at the customs. But once the package has left Ukraine, it is subject to your local post office.

EnjoyTheWood takes is a trusted brand and takes full responsibility for their products throughout the process of shipping and delivery. It is also responsible for any damage that may occur during delivery or loss. In case of such an occurrence, they will definitely send you a new product. Therefore, there should be no reason for alarm.

There refunds that are done in case a customer was not available during the delivery process or if the customer did not give a valid phone number and email address. However, the refund applies only to the product and does not cover the shipping fees.

Estimated delivery times vary differently-

  • USA-It takes 3-5 business days for all maps via UPS and 8-10 days for other goods still through UPS.
  • EUROPE-It will take 5-10 days for all maps and 12-21 business days for all other goods through Ukrposhta.
  • Latin America, Central America, Asia, Australia, Oceania and Canada it takes 5-7 days to deliver through UPS.

Shipping prices vary depending on the weight of the package and is communicated during check out of the product from the company. Take your time and visit EnjoyTheWood site to have a glimpse and experience the variety of products they have at their disposal.



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