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Over the last few years, there has been some rumors about the Dockatot and similar co-sleepers. There are very many safety concerns that have been raised by the government safety regulations and other researchers. At the same time there are several researchers that are supporting this and that’s why we are here. As a matter of fact, this is one of the products that we have got over a thousand questions on. Now that we have tried to check around and at the same time checked on some prior customer reviews and user comments, we want to make some things clear about this.

What is

Most Registered Baby Product

This is a store that deals with the manufacturing and the distribution of unique baby product-hallmarks The whole story was inspired when the founder gave birth. When her kid was born, she wanted to make sure that she has something reliable, comfy and unique for her baby. She believed that every baby should be surrounded in a comfortable environment every day and night. It is the thing that allows mothers to feed soothes and eventually bonds their babies with ease.

Hallmarks are designed uniquely to increase functionality and exceptional quality. It is something that most of the parents guarantees of quality. On this case, the details and the materials of this product is carefully manufactured and designed. The whole thing is aimed at making sure that this is unique, comfortable and convenient. The founder has made the whole thing with her own child in mind.


Docatot Delux Plus

The store features some of the best baby products that babies need along the way. The site is also categorized systematically to make it easy for you. Get to Docks which features Deluxe+ and Grand. The next category is Covers which features Deluxe+ and Grand. The other category is Accessories which features Toy Arch & Toy Sets, Transport Bags and Replacement parts.

Shipping policy

The company offers free shipping for all the orders above $99 to all the states in USA. Most of the orders are delivered through UPS. The company may take up to five business days to finalize the whole process. For those people in the US, you may select faster delivery options by selecting UPS 2nd day air at the checkout. You will as well not get deliveries on Saturdays and Sundays. What this means is that if you place an order on Friday evening, the days will start counting from Monday morning but may be delivered the next day.

Most of the orders you place may not be able to ship the next day especially when there are some issues including public holidays, credit card processing errors, inventory inhabitability and high order volumes. In this case, you should allow another one day for that.

Return Policy

The company may accept returns but only for orders that meet all the below criteria. The company allows returns for all the orders but limited to the 30 days limited policy. The items should as well be new, unused and in the original packages. Additionally, you will still have to incur all the shipping fees and the fees you will accumulate when returning the orders. To make it a success, then contact the customer care and inform them on this fast enough. The support team will help you along the way and your refunds will be processed within a very short time.


The store warrants all the products to be free from defects in workmanship and material within a period of one year from the date of purchase. If you discover such a defect, then the company will take full responsibilities on the matter. However, you should note that the warranty doesn’t cover any damages due to misuses, wear and tear due to use and other damages caused by inconsistent with the instructions and warnings.

Dockatot Reviews

Over the time, the store has attracted a number of reviews that we had to check on. There are several people that are happy about the product and several others are fully concerned about the safety. From the reviews, we noticed some of the pros and cons that prior users have marked here.

DocAtot Reviews


  • They are ultra portable and great for travel
  • They are well made and beautifully designed
  • Eases transition from bassinet to crib
  • They are versatile as a bed, carrier, lounger and a play area. It also creates a comfortable sleeping and napping space for children.


  • They don’t collapse
  • Not easy to replace the cover after washing.

With all the above pros and cons, it is very easy to deduce that this product is a good companion especially in young families. However, it attracts a 4 star review for tall the advantages it brings.


There are several people out there that are concerned about the safety for the baby’s sleep. When we talk about safety, we are talking about the risk of using this product. There are several babies that have slept on this and hence most of the parents have all the answers. For the best options, you have to spare your time and learn about the best sleeping positions on this. They are the best positions that reduces the risk of the children. Babies may develop Sudden Infant Death syndrome ands Sudden unexpected infant death.

The site directs people to follow safe driving options by the US Consumer Product Safety Commissions. The question of whether this is safe is a tough one to answer. However, most of the people say that there’s a close correlation between them and SUID and SIDs.

The Bottom Line

Although there are some risk factors, this is a good product for your newborn. There are no clear indications that it poses any form of risk and hence you don’t have to worry about it. You can at any time shop for the products in the company. You can as well turn to to get the best promo codes and other hot deals that will save you a lot of money on your next purchase.



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