Fleximounts Reviews: Garage Racks, TV Carts and Monitor Mounts


Fleximounts.com is a new big deal in the market today. With a variety of goods to offer, you can never go wrong making a purchase here. Some of the most common products offered on Fleximount.com are Wall Mounted shelf, Motorized Garage wall shelves Handy Jack, M6HU dual monitor mount/USB ports for 10’’27’’, Overhead Garage storage Rack, a19 full motion TV mount and many more products.

Every garage owner is happy that Flaximounts.com has launched the world’s first Motorized garage storage rack-HandyJack. If you were previously concerned about the organization and the functionality of your garage, then you have a better way of keeping everything in order. This motorized garage storage offers bold, secure and a very efficient alternative to your previous garage storage. It will help to organize your garage and at the same time keep it neat and looking good.

TV owners are also pleased that there are several TV mounts available for an affordable price. Fleximounts.com has everything to offer in regard to all your rack and shelf needs. Besides other products offered, the main achievement is the motorized Garage wall shelves. In this review paper, I am going to take a closer look at fleximounts.com and reveal whether this is the best alternative available in the market today or not.

What is Fleximounts.com?

Fleximounts.com is aimed at delivering a good experience in storing tools and several other products.  Fleximount is an online provider working with a range of providers such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Wayfair and the Home Depot to offer a wide range of products including garage racks, TV stands and TV walmount supports, tablet stands and Microphone stands amont many more. The company is focused at providing everything that is idea for office and home functionality.

Why Fleximounts.com is the best?

The fact is that fleximounts.com is not the only manufacturer in the market but the fact is that it is the top best manufacturer in offering the best solution. If you take a closer look at the Fleximounts garage racks, you will realize that it is the best in the market today in terms of offering the largest storage space. Unlike other garage racks, Fleximounts garage rack doesn’t offer a four vertical posts and one at each side. Fleximounts is the only manufacturer that has added four additional heavy duty posts making it a total of airtight posts, which allows the machine to hold equipment up to 550lbs of weight.

The other thing is that you can be able to adjust the height of the rack. On the other hand, the TV stands can as well be mounted on the wall easily and adjusted according to the size of the machine. You can rotate the TV to any direction you want.

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In simple terms, Fleximount.com is the best manufacturer and the provider of high quality and usable products. Every product you purchase here will serve its purpose without any hustle. There are several reasons why I would advice someone to choose Fleximounts.com. Although, moist of them are personal, below are good reasons why Fleximount.com should be your next partner in office and home appliances.

  • Installation-All their products are easy to install. You don’t have to pay more for expert installation because you can do it on your own. The other thing is that there are several instructions and installation guidelines provided to ensure everything flows as expected.
  • Qualities-All the products offered by Fleximounts are tested and approved for quality assurance.
  • After your purchase, you will not be required to pay more for shipping and other services.
  • From the day you purchase any product from Fleximounts, you will be offered free services for the lifetime.


On Fleximounts.com, shipment is free for deliveries in the USA for all the products you purchase. The main reason for this is to bring you the best services. Fleximounts offer the fastest and the most convenient shipping of any product bought on the website. Shipment to all the states in the USA is free. However, if you are shipping to other parts such as Hawaii and Alaska, you will be required to pay a FedEx posted fee. The good thing is that after, making the order, your processing will be made the same day and shipping initiated. Your products will be delivered in the USA within 3-5 days and it may take longer to other parts of the world.

After you make your order, you will get a confirmation detail in your email and later tracking details. What this means for you is that you can be able to track your shipment and at the same time be sure of the time to expect your delivery.

Is it worth it?

I don’t have to dwell so much on this question because we have already seen many benefits of shopping Fleximounts products.  The answer is simple, yes, Fleximounts is worth it am usually convinced that it is the best place to purchase TV mounts, Garage racks and several other products. The Fleximounts motorized garage rack is a very useful partner that no one should ignore especially when it comes to safety. After checking most of the reviews about this product, I discovered that most of the prior users are very satisfied with the use of this machine.

The other products such as TV mounts and Microphone mounts are also very useful. Majority of people who had earlier made the purchases on Amazon, Walmart, eBay or any other online retail site have affirmed their satisfactory with products from Fleximounts.com. There are also a couple of reviews and user comments on specific product and for this reason; you can have a good reference place before you purchase the any product from fleximount.com.

Although there are some users who have some personal problems with some products offered in the site, it is still worth it. Those complaining about any of the Fleximounts products are complaining about the price.

  • Wall mount racks are expensive retailing at $164.99,
  • Motorized Garage Wall shelves HandyJack is retailing at $399.99
  • Dual Monitor Mount/USB ports for 10’’ 27’’ is retailing at $74.99
  • Overhead Garage Storage Rack both black and white are retailing at $179.99
  • Full motion TV mount is currently retailing at $19.99

For those people who are very sensitive to price, then they will not look completely satisfied with the price. If you need it from any part of the world, you will have to pay more for the shipping fees.

Another problem is that most of the products have not been in the market for a longer time. What this means is that there are fewer reviews and user comments which could otherwise guide you before you purchase. However, this is not a big deal because most of those who have reviewed it already agree that there is little to worry about.

Although there are several other manufacturers in the market today, this one is very unique. Fleximounts.com offers everything with the functionality and user satisfaction in mind.

The bottom line

If you have had a long time looking for the best seller for garage racks, TV mounts and several other home and office appliances, then Fleximout.com is here to offer everything you need. One thing that I realized is that their prices are high. However, if you want quality, then don’t hesitate; Fleximpounts.com is the best place to get all what you want.

Best seller for garage racks, TV mounts
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fleximounts-reviews-garage-racks-tv-carts-monitor-mountsIf you have had a long time looking for the best seller for garage racks, TV mounts and several other home and office appliances, then Fleximout.com is here to offer everything you need. One thing that I realized is that their prices are high. However, if you want quality, then don’t hesitate; Fleximpounts.com is the best place to get all what you want.


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