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cupshe bathing suit reviews

You will hear a lot of people talk about Cupshe from time to time. This is a Chinese online shop that sells the best clothing and accessories for women. Despite the fact that Cupshe has been on the market for a long time, most of the people still don’t know about it. This is the main reason why we took the action to check on it and see what people are saying about the company.

The company has been offering a very wide product range and modern street style which makes it very popular today. There are some of the changes that have also taken place with the company and they now have their new office in New Jersey/USA. However, the company operates from several other locations including china and Germany.

What products do they sell?

cupshe bikiniwear

As a matter of fact, the company sells some of the most affordable Bikinis. You have a chance to visit the site and choose any item depending on the price, color and the measurements. Most of their products retail at $20-$25. Though, you may end up paying up to $35 depending on the product you choose. The site is categorically arranged offering several alternatives. You may as well check on the best Bikinis using the styles which includes High-waist, One-shoulder,. Halter and Lace up, high leg and many more styles.

Does the company offer coupon codes, promo codes or student discount?

Be Where The Sun Always Shines

Yes, one of the main reasons why most of the women are rushing to this site for all their orders is because they can end up saving al lot along the way. As a matter of fact, the company offers a couple of options and money saving alternatives.

Hot Bikinis

The first option is to subscribe to their newsletter and get extra 10% off on all orders above $90. The other alternative is to go for the student discount. As a matter of fact, you can use a coupon code for a 15% off student discount. The company addresses all school matters and hence wants you to stay in school.

Cupshe 100+ New Arrivals

For all the orders above $40, you can get free shipping in the US, Australia and Canada. The company will as well send you a custom order on the first order and the second order. Join their Instagram Giveaways and you may win yourself a free swimsuit.

Summer Pool Ready!

The last and the most reliable method is to get a good and a reliable coupon site to get all the discounts and promo codes for your next purchase. You can get to for Cupshe coupon codes and other promo codes to use at checkout.

What is their shipping policy?

I have seen many people order from this site and most of them usually receive their items within 3 weeks. This doesn’t mean that you have to wait for a full 3 weeks to get the item. There are some of the situations that you can receive your items in 1-2 weeks especially when there are less orders. Upon placing the order, you will get a confirmation email with the full email address and a tracking code that you can use to track your order until the last day.

Customers from US have to fix with the payment methods that are available. You can choose first class USPS free shipping or even express shipping via EMS/UPS. The time you will take to receive the order may defer depending on the processing period and the packing process. If you place a customer order, you may have to wait longer.

The return Policy

The best thing about Cupshe is that their return policy works the same way it works with most fashion online shops. The company gives you a full 30 days to make a decision and contact them for any issues. However, you will be forced to take care of the shipping cost. The first thing that you have to do is to message customer support before you kick the return. The main reason for this is because the company may reject any unannounced packages.

What is their payment method?

If you have any issue with the payment methods, I don’t see why you should be panicking. The company accepts some of the most popular payment methods including PayPal and Credit card (Visa and MasterCard and American Express). On the purchase, I say that most of the people accept PayPal because of the 180 day purchase protection.

Cupshe Reviews

Cushe Happy Faces Womens

To make sure we have all the information about the website’s reliability and the quality of their service and products, we had to as well check on their prior customer reviews. We noticed that a significant number of people are satisfied with the quality of products they get. However, there’s a small number of them that had some special problems with the customer service. However the store gets our 8/10 rating.

My overall thoughts

As I have already checked, most of the customers are very satisfied with the purchase from Cupshe. Most of them agree that they have no issue with the bathing suits. If you are one of those people that are looking for a good site to buy their swim suits, then Cupshe is the best place. However, I noticed that most of the people have an issue with the customer service. Most of their prior customers say that they are not very contented with the services they get especially when they have an issue to raise.

Additionally, most of their prior customers say they will actually order more from the site. A significant number of them also say that they can refer their friends without any regrets. The main reason for this is the price, the quality and the look of the bathing suits and other cloths.

The other issue that I realized is about sizing. They use Asian sizing and hence you have to go an inch further to make it easy for you to get the best fit. The qualities of products you get are very low and affordable. You also have to take a look at the listed measurements to get the exact thing you need. The measurements are available in inches and centimeters.


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