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With so many online department stores, there’s need to research around and see whether you can save some money on clothing and beddings and also to determine whether you can have some little time shopping and buying the items. The good news is that there are several companies in the market today offering the best products and services that you can check on. One of these stores is JCPenney.

Today, we are going to review this department store and at the same time provide you with all the information you need to start shopping with JCPenney. In this JCPenney review, we are going to check on what the site offers and eventually help you save some money on your next purchase.

Table of Content

  • What is JCPenney?
  • How does JCPenney work?
  • What products does JCPenney sell?
  • Is JCPenney legit or just another scam?
  • What is JCPenney return policy?
  • JCPenney Credit card Review
  • How to save on JCPenney?
  • Final verdict

What is JCPenney?

JCPenney is an American department store which already operates from 865 locations in the US and Puerto Rico among many other locations. The company became popular during the later years of the 20th century.

Today the company operates from many locations. The company is trying to make it in the pool of competitors and for this reason they are offering a couple of discounts to try and attract and also keep customers.

The company was started by Hames cash penny in 1902 and has over the time grown to be an international wave. It is based in Plano Texas and their customers are offered with the JCPenney credit card. We will also touch on JCPenney credit card review before the end of this brief.

What products does JCPenney offer?

Jcpenney womens clothing

This is a department store selling a variety of clothing, furniture, beddings and home décor for a discount. The Company also sells a couple of name-brand and discount mattresses. You can buy any of their products online or on their retail locations.

What I don’t like about JCPenney

Although this company has a wide variety of products to sell, there are some concerns about the quality of the products offered and the value delivered.

  • The management never deals with problems adequately-Among all the employees reviews at JCPenney, some of the employees complains that the company never deals with the problems. In fact they don’t do it adequately. It’s the company that will determine the raise and many other things.
  • The company is currently into a crisis-The share of JCPenney fell greatly which means a lot to the customers. If you are actually concerned about the business health of this company, then you wouldn’t consider working here knowing that the company is currently into a crisis.

The company remains in a financial clamp and for this reason is shutting down 27 out of their 860 stores in 2019. In addition to that, they will as well close nine home and furniture stores this fall.

  • Bad hours for people that are trying to work full time-If you have ever worked in a company that never gave you enough time to rest, then you can actually understand what am talking about. The company insists that the employees should work for longer hours which can be unhealthy to them.

What I liked about JCPenney

Although there were several issues with the company especially the management and the working conditions, there are some good things. Here are some of the things I liked about this company.

  • Ease of finding what you are looking for
  • The site is user-friendly and at the same time a nice platform for all your shopping
  • The checkout is easy and the JCPenney pricing is very friendly.
  • The company will deliver your product on time
  • You will actually find any product you are looking for
  • The return process is easy and highly dependable
  • The quality and value of the products met customer expectations.

Is JCPenney legit or just another scam?

With all the information shared above, it’s easy to notice that JCPenney is a legit department store. It’s actually a nice place to shop and get the product delivered in your doorstep. The price is relatively the same as that of other stores. The other thing is that the store accepts all the returns and will compensate if the issue is with the manufacturing.

What is JCPenney return policy?

I know you are worried what could happen in case you receive the wrong item or when you receive a damaged item. If that is the case, don’t worry, JCPenney offers free returns for all the products within 45 days. You can as well return the products for exchanges or refunds even without a receipt.

JCPenney Credit card Review

One thing that I am not specifically happy with is the fact that their credit card is not a good option for returning customers. As a matter of fact, you can use virtually any credit card at JCPenney and get reliable discounts than using their own credit card.

The only noticeable benefit is the fact that when you use JCPenney Credit card, you get one point. Although this is a benefit, I feel like it’s very different from their ordinary reward program that allows you to get a point in every dollar spent.

This card is a good match for repeat buyers though you don’t get better deals as to compare to other credit cards including Citi Double Cash Card and Chase Freedom. Though, if you are a repeat buyer, you can enjoy the deluge of 5% year-round store reward and several other special deals.

How to save on JCPenney?

There are many ways you can save some money on JCPenney as you shop.  The first and the most reliable method is the use of Coupon Codes. You can actually sign up on their Newsletter and you will end up getting 5% off your first purchase.

It’s advised to check on coupon sites to get JCPenney Coupon codes, promo codes and other discount codes.

Final verdict

JCPenney is a nice place to shop for mattresses, clothes and furniture this 2019. Though, if you want to save some money and still maintain the quality of the mattress, you should buy directly from the mattress brand online. These brands are discounting their products so you can benefit significantly.



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