Getnamenecklace Review


Getnamenecklace Review

It’s unique to have any item with your name on it. But where can you find yourself or a loved one with a name necklace? Getnamenecklace is a company that specializes in customized name necklaces.

But what are they going to offer quality necklaces? Will they be vigilant when adding your name to the choker monogram? Will the pendant of the family turn out the way you wanted it? Will the delivery of the Getanamenecklace deliver the necklace in time? And is shop legit or scam?  How will they respond when the bracelet has not met your standards? All of these shall be answered in this Getnamenecklace review, among other questions.

What is Getanamenecklace? is an online store that sells to spouses and children customized jewelry. Recently, Getnamenecklace has gained attention on Facebook and other social networks as well as on some websites.

They regard themselves as jewelry or necklace manufacturers and emphasis on fashionable and elegant personalized jewelry. They have everybody’s necklaces.

The company employs a professional designer team to turn names and initials into exquisite jewelry pieces. They have broader categories such as name necklaces, monogram choker necklaces, and family pendants that come with the use of the latest jewelry-making technology with good quality and competitive pricing.

More so, the company processes are well structured to provide efficient service ranging from the technical team to shipping agents processing package check-out. They offer quick, timely delivery, as these are key priorities to satisfy their customers.

What does Getnamenecklace offer?

Getnamenecklace sells a couple, pet wife, grandmother, new mother, relative, daughter, mother, or jewelry. You can visit their website for the name necklaces that gave this shop its name. There is a range of necklaces to choose from, ranging from bar necklaces, mother necklaces, infinity necklaces, heart necklaces, family necklaces, monograms, and picture necklaces to Carrie necklaces and more.

They sell a name necklace that can be a great gift to give to your mother, spouse, or anybody special to you. You can add to the necklace your real name.

In addition to necklaces, they also sell charms such as bracelet charms, hearts, animals, mother charms, Murano charms, birthstones, Christmas charms, crystals, photo charms, flowers, etc. Their ring section comprises of men’s rings, mother’s rings, heart rings, photo rings, and princess rings, infinity rings, and monogram rings.  You can order a bracelet as well.

Getanamenecklace has a collection of infinity bracelets, bracelets of the mother, bracelets of the monogram, name bracelets, and bracelets of the picture.

How do you order Getanamenecklace?

Getanamenecklace’s name jewelry can be ordered from their website. They provide a delivery service that delivers the right item to your house. Customer service is also provided by the name jewelry shop to customers who need their assistance.

Getanamenecklace employs a team of professional designers who can use the name or initials to customize your jewelry to make it even more beautiful and unique.

From the technical team to the shipping agents, the factory procedures are well coordinated to ensure efficient service delivery with quick, professional, and timely deliveries to best satisfy all customers.

There are broad categories of good quality pieces from their website, such as necklaces, rings, bracelets, earrings, and family pendants at competitive prices. Their products are of good quality due to the use of new jewelry production technology. You can customize it not only with the name of original, but also with your pictures or, why not, with your favorite animals, to always take them with you.

The correct length of the necklace can also be picked on the web, which depends on your preferences, to choose where you can find all the comparison lengths for the female and male necklaces.

Choosing the Right Necklace Length

How long does Getanamenecklace shipping take?

Getanamenecklace delivery time includes time for processing plus time for shipping. Therefore, the approximate processing time is described on the product page for each item in your set. The shipping time counts the time of processing, as well as the time of shipping to estimate when you receive your order.

The time of production varies from product to product. Both items are made-to-order and call for handcrafts for 3-5 business days.

Many factors contribute to the delivery time. Within this time, frames listed on each product page, they make every effort to ship your product out as soon as possible.

Here there shipping programs;

Standard shipping –US, UK, AU, CA: 5-12 Business Days while to Other Countries:20 Business Days and its free

Faster shipping– Only ship to Brazil 8-10 business days at the cost of $2.99

Expedited shipping– Only to US, K, AU, FR, DE: 5-9 Business at the cost of $7.95

Urgent shipping– takes 2-4 business days at $24.50 and free when you shop over $150

Getnamenecklace return policy

The company has two categories of the return policy

  1. Full coverage Return/Exchange Policy (99 days)

The policy is applicable;

  • When the paint is chipping, Crystals fall off, broken chain, etc. and you will receive either a refund of your order or exchange within 99 days. Please notify the company immediately via e-mail.
  • When you receive the wrong order or item(s), you have received some broken items; the customized information is different from the quality of the products you restore.
  1. limited coverage Return/Exchange Policy (15 days)

The policy is applicable;

  • If you have chosen the wrong size bracelet(s)/ring(s) or chain length, you are responsible for return postage fees as well as the replacement postage fees.
  • If personal reasons for changing mind, personal taste, ordering numerous personalized items for comparison or sizing purposes, or you do not see the detailed description, etc.

Personalized items are one-of-a-kind; these returns will incur a restocking fee of 30 percent.

Final verdict is not after people’s money, and it’s not a scam site if that’s what you wondered. We checked this site’s past and tested the site using various criteria to test if its a legit online shop, and indeed it is legally operating an online shop.

The site is tested on time and is a good recommendation for those who want to purchase custom jewelry for their children and relatives or gifts.



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