Victoria’s Secret Reviews for the Sexiest Bras, Panties, Lingerie and Sportswear

Victoria’s Secret Reviews

Women today are looking for the sexiest performance-focused underwear and most of the companies out there are struggling to meet this new and rising need. Victoria’s secret is one of these companies that sell fashionable and classically designed women’s underwear. The company is also known for employing some of the most beautiful employees in the world to make sure that they face out their presence in style. However, there is some information you have to know before you make the decision. In this brief, we will talk about both the front and the back sides of this company.

We saw that this company has a spring sale and that’s why we got interested to check around to gather all the information about it. This company seems to be an ever-present influence on the American market because they focus a lot of their attention on feminine commodities.

Victoria secret is found in almost every mall in the US and for this reason, it becomes one of the best places for young people to visit to purchase bras and other innerwear.

What is Victoria’s secret?

Victoria secret is one of the biggest retailers in the US for lingerie, bras and panties. The company sells both online and offline and also through its world known catalogs. The company was founded by Roy Raymond and his wife in 1977 in San Francisco California. The whole story was inspired by a story that Raymond experienced.

Victoria’s Secret Products

Victoria Secret Pink

As I had already stated, this company sells both online and offline with some of the best sellers being underwear, swimwear, bras and casual Victoria’s secret PINK loungewear line. The company’s online store features some of the best products that you can purchase from whenever you are in the world with categories and subcategories to make it simple for you to shop and place order. The company has categories including New which features new and upcoming products and designs, Bras which features all in Bras, Panties which covers all in the sale of panties, sleep selling all sleep wears, sport selling sportswear and eventually Apparel. They also have a category for Beauty Products, Swim and lastly a category for Accessories.

Does the company offer Coupon codes?

Shopping at Victoria’s Secrets site is very easy and actually one of the best ways of saving some money while you are sited at the comfort of your seat. The company features several ways that you can save some money. They accept coupon codes and hence you can at any time use coupon codes and other promo codes at checkout. There are several ways you can get hot deals on this site. You can actually get coupon codes on your email after subscribing or just get a good site for all your needs. You can get the best offers, promo codes and coupon codes at Coupon Code Group. The site features all the coupon codes that are up to date and highly reliable.


With their offer codes and promotions on CouponCodeGroup, you can get great deals in terms of discounts, free shipping and eventually free totes. They also give free shipping for all the orders above $100. There are several other ways you can save on this site. You can get the Angel Credit card and for every $1 you spend you get a point that you can use later in the years. After reaching 250 points, you get a reward.

Victoria Secret Lingerie

There are several other offers you can get which includes free standard shipping on all orders and exclusive offers.

Victoria’s secret Shipping policy

Just like other companies, Victoria’s secret ships to most of the destinations worldwide. They usually say that they can deliver within two days. Home deliveries are processed and initiated within two business days. You have to incur some cost along the way. They also take 3 days to deliver in each of the following Emirates: Fujairah, Sharjah, Ajman and many other Emirates destinations.

If you have any more questions about the delivery in your specific location, you can at any time contact the customer care through their official contact details.

Victoria’s secret Price

Victoria’s secret has set a realistic price for all their products. There are few people that are complaining about the price. Most of their customers are complaining about the quality of services they get and the quality of products they get.

Victoria’s secret Reviews

The company has a couple of reviews and user comments from prior customers and hence we wanted to check on them and see if customers are satisfied with what they get and the services they receive. Although Victoria’s secret is a big company that you expect to offer the best services and sell high quality products to their customers, there are several customers that are complaining.

Most of the customers complain about the customer service. The service is not ready to get to all the customers in time. Most customers also think that this company doesn’t offer the best services in terms of canceling, changing and returning orders. Victoria’s secret has a couple of 1 star reviews from angry customers who had experienced the horrific side of it.

Some other customers thinks that the company’s quality has dropped over time. Quality in terms of products they offer and the time they take to deliver their products. This is a big problem that most of the people are not ready to handle.

As a matter of fact, I haven’t experienced any one talking positively about the company. A significant number of people have issues with the quality, their return policy and the customer service. Most of them wouldn’t recommend this company to their friends.

The bottom line

Now that you have all the information, making up your mind can be easy. The company offers some of the best bras, swimwear, sleepwear and Lingerie at an affordable price but there are several complain in the quality and the customer service. The company may also take some time to deliver your item which most of the people feels it’s not okay.

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Victria Secret fragrances
Victria Secret Customer Services
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victorias-secret-reviews-sexiest-bras-panties-lingerie-sportswearI had the most amazing phone call with an operator in the customer service department. when I called in to check my order status. The service was amazing! Thank you for the concern about my package and the small gift! Amazing customer service on the non credit card side! Upset with credit card service they freezed my card even though my bill was paid in full says I can’t use it till next month because I missed my payment. How am I supposed to shop if I can’t use my angel card!!!!!



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