How to Make Hiring Easier Post Covid


When the radical shift from in-office interviews and offline operations went completely digital, hiring managers faced difficulties in recruitment. This was because there were a lot of factors that they had changed or overlooked while taking interviews. However, when they got used to it, it was found that hiring for remote work was easier than hiring for in-office jobs.

This is when studies were performed and results were shared with companies so that they could inculcate functions and values to facilitate their recruitment process. Take a look at how this can be done.

Hire For Skills

When working was offline, and people were expected to show up at the office, there were a lot of factors such as travel, stay, timings, etc., involved. Hiring managers didn’t only need to look for people with the required skill but also people who were available at a specific time in a particular geographical demographic. This limited options by a very vast margin.

Now companies have the opportunity to look way beyond geographical borders. A person sitting in India could be excellent at a job that is vacant in the USA. That not only benefits the employee but also offers a great advantage to the company.

Take Advantage of Flexibility

Remote working needs to be normalized after the pandemic. It opens doors for a lot of people to get hired as well as a lot of companies to hire from diverse talent pools. There are people all over the world who have a brilliant skill set but lack opportunities due to restrictions. However, thanks to remote workplaces, people can now work on their own time and at home.

Companies should be open to the idea of part-time jobs and be flexible with their timings. It gives room to a lot of talented people to try out their luck, and managers can find diamonds in the rough. If there’s anyone you know and want to hire for your company, you can use websites such as to search an email address and reach out to them.

Discuss Your Strategy With Your Team

A great way to understand what is required from a candidate is to discuss it with the team that will work with the candidate. Most often, hiring managers in companies pick up people based only on their CV and qualifications. There is a template for the job description, and whoever fits that best is given a chance. However, in the process, they forget that this template changes over time. Only people who are already working in that environment or team can best analyze what missing factor or skill a prospective candidate needs to offer.

Hence companies should make recruitment planning a group activity with the entire team instead of just one manager. This will give deeper insights into what is expected of an employee and help to recruit the right person for the job.


Of course, the environment that a video call provides is a far cry from an actual in-office interview. Candidates are less nervous and network issues often cut short interviews. However, there are a lot of ways in which you can use the remote working situation to your benefit.



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