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YouDrugstore is an online pharmacy based in Canada with headquarters in Manitoba, Canada. The pharmacy has been in business since 2012 and strives to build trust with each of their customers by giving its consumers high quality but low priced medicine and quick but discreet delivery of their products. The pharmacy is licensed and a member of the Canadian International Pharmacy Association often referred to as CIPA. The membership ensures the store meets the high standard as per the Canadian International Pharmacy ensuring health and safety for its consumers. On your next whole sale or retail purchase, utilize Youdrugstore coupon codes and promo codes to save.

What is sold at Youdrugstore?

The online pharmacy has a variety of selection from medication for rare diseases to the most commonly prescribed drugs. Both generic and brand name drugs as well as some certified gluten-free drugs are available which are sold at Canadian prices.

Medications for a medical condition which include asthma, dementia, schizophrenia, acid reflux, depression, heart disease, menopause, erectile dysfunction, cholesterol are available.  For those who receive a prescription from a doctor, Youdrugstore is a good pharmacy to purchase your prescription by simply filling your prescription online. Over the counter health, products are also available. These include eye drops, arthritis and pain relievers, laxatives, cough, and cold medication, vitamins and health supplements bandage, and all other products found at a local pharmacy. Shopping at Youdrugstore can be done at the comfort of your house or office and all the items delivered unlike when you want to shop at the local pharmacies.

The store also sells Protective gear which includes surgical masks, medical safety goggles medical face shields, overalls, and non-contact thermometer. This has gone a long way in helping fight the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the whole world.

How to order on Youdrugstore.

There are three very easy ways of making an order from Youdrugstore. Depending on your convenience you can choose any of the methods below.

Order by phone.

Gather all the medication information required including the prescription

Call the number 1-855-968-6337 which is free to place an order. Make sure you make the call any day FROM Monday to Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM Eastern time when the customer care representatives are available.

To complete the order, sign the customer agreement shared by the pharmacy.

Order Online

On the website, register for a free account or log in if you already have an account. Search for medication on the website and proceed to check out. The original prescription is mailed or faxed to the pharmacy. When all the above steps re-completed, the pharmacy sends an email confirmation to the client and ship the order within 48hours after it is processed.

Order by Mail

From the website, download the order form. Upon filling the order form; mail it to the pharmacy with the original prescription. After payment and verification of any prescription medicine that may be required, the medicine is mailed back to the buyer.

Is Youdrugstore legit?

In Canada, where Youdrugstore is based, pharmacies are highly regulated to ensure control of the products as well as the safety of the citizens. To operate, in Canada, they need to acquire and maintain a government license throughout their operations. The government only issues the license after they have researched and certified that the pharmacies are legit. Youdrugstore is also a member of CIPA which ensures that its members will only sell the safest and highest quality to the consumers, maintain a clean and reputable track record as well as follow the rules and regulations imposed to protect consumers.

Youdrugstore went the extra mile to earn a verification with a Pharmacy checker which requires a doctor’s prescription for prescription medication, dispense medication through a licensed pharmacy only, have the buyer’s current address and telephone number, and obtain both private and financial information of its customers. By doing this, the pharmacy ensures that the medicine does not end up in the wrong hands hence proving they are legit.  For the best hot deals and promo codes, visit

How to save on Youdrugstore?

By buying medicine from Youdrugstore, a consumer saves approximately 80% of the cost they would have incurred. The pharmacy is based in Canada where Medicine is relatively cheaper than the other countries. The best way to save on is to use coupon codes and promo codes.

The government of Canada regulates drug pricing in the countries. It means that it is illegal for drug companies to charge whatever they want based on their profits margin as the prices are government-controlled. The government has the right to order a manufacturer to lower the prices if they find the price expensive for the consumers.

In other countries, health care products and medical device prices are controlled by the private sector. To cover the marketing and manufacturing costs of the drugs, as well as ensuring the investors and stakeholders are making profits, these companies hike the prices depending on their different target markets. This is legal hence their governments cannot intervene with these companies.

Most Americans order medicine from Canada as opposed to overseas due to the role the distance plays in the shipping of the item. Since Canada is not far from America, the shipping fees are relatively cheaper and it takes less time to arrive. By ordering from overseas there is an increased price for shipping and the medicine could take longer to arrive in the country which would lead to the expiry of some drugs even before they reach the consumer. For this reason, it is safe to say that by ordering from Youdrugstore, the consumer saves a lot.

How good is Youdrugstore?

When a consumer order from Youdrugstore, the pharmacy only sends drugs sourced from Canadian sources and not those that they could have imported from Overseas. This ensures that what the consumer receives is of high quality despite the low prices. Since the laws and regulations governing the drug health sector are very strict in Canada, it would be extremely difficult for low-quality drugs to reach the consumer making the Pharmacy a very good store. Due to the thorough process undertaken in verifying prescription medicine, it means that these medicines cannot be obtained by consumers who would be willing to abuse them.

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