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When it comes to the fashion jewelry industry, a lot is said and heard. And, that’s why many people across the world don’t want fake diamonds but “the real Swarovski.” This is well understood among people who love jewels. It is also worth noting that there is a lot of wrong information when it comes to fashion jewelry industry. In that case, people are supposed to be very careful in this industry. This means what they buy or find out in the market.

So what are Swarovski Crystals?

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Swarovski Crystals is an example of crystals usually known as lead glass. So, as the name suggests, lead glass is composed of lead as it replaces the contents of the normal glass found in everyday life. This can be explained by the fact that lead is the most replaced material in these crystals.

A glass with an addition of lead automatically comes with a package of increased refractive index. This can be defined as the ability of a substance or material to bend light as it travels through it. This is what allows jewels and gems to have the sparkling effect that people are always looking for. People always accept that diamonds have that natural high refractive index. That’s why Swarovski Crystals are faceted lead glass beads that are produced by the Swarovski Company.

Are Swarovski just a cut glass?

When it comes to the core definitions of Swarovski Crystals and also to all those crystals used in jewelry; they are usually a form of glass that is cut. This doesn’t mean that it is not special because it is cut with the same precision that is applied to diamonds. By doing so, Swarovski Crystals are also preciously cut minerals. This answers the question that people tend to ask about them. These crystals are real and genuine. They are genuine lead glass. But people should note that they are not precious gems.

They are the type of the non-precious lead glass. This means that their intrinsic value of their material is not so high. Of course they have a valuable brand name which causes them to have prices that are higher than other suppliers of crystals. It has been pointed out that at one time Swarovski Crystals had outstandingly higher quality crystals as compared to the rest of the manufacturers. This is not the case nowadays because some of the crystals have taken the lead with high-quality crystals as compared to the Swarovski crystals.

Are Swarovski crystals worth it?

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By seeing that many manufacturers are nowadays of high-quality crystals as compared to Swarovski Crystals, people will tend to question their viability. So are these crystals worth it or not? It`s an obvious question that is making it around the world. In that case, people shouldn’t forget that the normal rule of the thumb for jewelry will always apply at all times. This can be explained by the fact that if the crystal seems to be nice to you, then it is worth of you.

With Swarovski Crystal ring, you don’t have to pay more as contrasted to other different crystals. Many people seem to like the brand name of Swarovski. To them this brand is so valuable because it cannot be distinguished from other valuable and expensive crystals.

How can Swarovski Crystals be compared with Cubic Zirconias?

It is a common perception that crystals of Swarovski are better than those of Cubic Zirconias. This speculation can be answered by the fact that this can be based according to your interpretation. That’s why a lot people have argued that Swarovski has a far better branding name as compared to Cubic Swarovski which has always had a bad reputation of being so fake and cheap. That’s why Swarovski will always have a better name recognition among the whole general population making these crystals to stand out as the best as based on the ongoing arguments.

But, when it comes to the objective looks, Swarovski Crystals will not beat the Cubic Zirconias. This is because Cubic Zirconias tend to have a much higher refractive index. To elaborate much on this, it means that they will sparkle more than the Swarovski Crystals. The other thing is that Cubic Zirconias are much harder and that is why they are much likely to get scratched as compared to other crystals. Scratched surfaces are known to make stone and gems look dull.

Why do people have to use Crystals at all?

There are many reasons that Swarovski Crystals will never stack up to Cubic Zirconias. But, this doesn’t mean that people are not supposed to use them at all. This can be explained by a simple fact that that Crystals will always have their place in fashion jewelry. So, generally speaking crystals are in fact cheaper than Cubic Zirconias. This makes them the best for micro-pave settings. They are generally known to use much smaller stones so that each individual stone will not need the same level of clarification and details of the larger stone.

When the usage of Crystal is compared to that of Cubic Zirconias , the cost of a piece of the material might drop drastically without any significance drop in visual quality. Crystals are also known to be foil backed. This can be explained by the fact that a metallic foil might be added on the back of each and every crystal.

Manufacturers are known to add this foil so that they will give the stone more fire and thus taking the expense of clarification. By doing so, crystals are known to be glued instead of them being manually set with prongs. Other settings are also applicable.

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Final verdict

It can be seen that the misconceptions pertaining crystals and other stones that are used in fashion jewelry have been cleared up. Honestly speaking, Swarovski has a very great brand name. However, this doesn’t automatically make it better than others. They are not the best stone in terms of visual quality but they have a very important and crucial place in fashion jewelry.


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