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Otto Wilde Grill is a family-owned business founded by Otto, Alex, Julia, and Nils in 2015. The founders hail from Dusseldorf Germany and aimed to revolutionize the grill industry by bringing steakhouse caliber steaks to their customers’ backyards.

The right temperature is the greatest secret behind a perfect steak hence the vision of creating a high-quality grill offering the highest steak indulgence. The grill is designed to use liquid propane gas and is connected to a cylinder for use. To same on this life investment, use coupon codes and promo codes from

Development of the Otto Wilde Grill

The prototypes were developed and tested in 2015, the same year the company was founded. In April 2016, the company ran a successful crowdfunding campaign through the Kickstarter platform which saw them gain financing from different investors. The campaign ran for four weeks raising a total of 330,00 euros. In October the same year Delivery of Otto Grill and accessories commenced in Europe.

In June of 2017, the grills entered the US market when the owners founded a US-based entity Otto Wilde Grillers Inc. which saw the shipping of Otto Grills to the United States.  Shortly after the Us market entry, the grills made an entry to the Australian markets in December 2017.

The distributions in most continents saw the founders receive the German Design Award in February 2018.

How to use Otto Grills

  • Preheating
  • Once the grill is switched on, it heats up from 0 to 900 in less than 3 minutes.
  • Crust seals in Flavor & moisture
  • Due to the high temperatures from the heating of the grill, the Millard effect is ignited hence creating a crust on the meat.
  • Steakhouse quality at Home
  • When the steak is ready, it is crusty on the outside and juicy and tender in inside. This is the perfect steak.

Types of Grills

Otto Wilde Grill Original

The propane gas grill can achieve temperatures of up to 1500˚ F, it has an adjustable grill height with a removable top hence easy to clean. The overfire burners eliminate flare-ups to give the perfect steak. It is portable and very reliable for outdoor camping and comes with a 2-year warranty.

Otto Grill Lite

A more streamlined version of the Otto Grill original was introduced which was more affordable but had fewer features. Just like the original version, it uses propane gas. It Can achieve temperatures of up to 1500˚ F and is portable hence ideal for outdoor activities like camping. The cooking area measurements are the same as those of the Otto Grill. Regardless of the Grills type you choose, Otto wilde grills coupon codes and hot deals from Couponcodegroup can save you significantly.

Differences between the Otto Grill and Otto Lite

The original weighs 39.7 lbs. making it heavier than the lite which weighs 37.5 lbs. The Otto Grill uses infrared gas burners with 2 piezo ignitors while the Lite has only 1 piezo ignitor and is equipped with two ceramic burners.  While the Otto Grill has a detachable top, and adjustable height, these features lack in the Otto Lite.

While the cooking performance of both of them is the same, the price for Otto Grill is higher than the Otto Lite which is due to the added features.

How good is the Otto Grill?

  • Steakhouse hot, steakhouse fast

Otto’s Radiant technology allows higher cooking temperatures by radiating infrared waves directly into the food hence allowing faster cooking while drying out the food simultaneously.

  • Wonderful moisture and Sealing crust on the steak

This is often referred to as the Millard effect and is formed when the amino acids and reducing sugars in the meat melt due to exposure to extreme temperatures giving the meat a brown color. While it is very hard to achieve this effect in steak using the traditional grills, with Otto Grill the effect is easily achievable.

  • Cooking with top heat is consistent and Eliminate Flare-ups

Flare-ups cause charred food, uneven temperatures, and uneven cooking and are as a result of meat juices and grease occasionally dripping into the heat source when the grill is cooking from below. With Otto grill, this complication has been eliminated since the steaks are cooked from above with the meat juices and grease dripping into a drip pan located below the cooking area. Temperature is also independently adjustable which allows precise control of the heat hence achieving a perfect steak.

  • Open Front Design

This unique design gives easy access to your steak which means you can watch the steak and know when it is ready to be taken off. This eliminates the risk of overcooking or burning the steak.

  • Adjustable Grate Height

Due to the height adjustment system, you can control heat exposure to the steak for the achievement of the perfect steak.  Depending on the thickness of the steak or the grill preference, the cast iron should be raised or lowered. With the clever Lever, the height adjustment process of the grate is smooth and safely secure.

  • Cast Iron Grate Holds heat

The grate was designed to retain heat and requires minimal care which makes steak take a shorter time when cooked in Otto Grill as opposed to other traditional grills. It slides in easily and stays securely on the adjustable lift and is large enough to cook 2 pieces of the porterhouse steaks.

  • Removable Grill Top

Although these features lack in the Otto Lite, the Otto Grill owners enjoy the easy cleaning process of their Otto Grills. The Otto Lite owners need not worry much since there are no flare-ups in the grills as the cooking is from above, there is little mess to clean up.

Accessories accompanied by the Otto Grills

Upon making a purchase, the buyer wants to quickly dive into the action without making the additional purchase of accessories to ensure the grill works perfectly.

  • Gas Hose regulator to connect the grill with the LP gas cylinder.
  • A removable stainless steel drip tray where the dripping of the grease and meat juices occurs. Water should be put on this tray before grilling commences.
  • Drip Tray Tongs coated with rubber for ideal gripping of the drip tray.
  • A Cast Iron Grill Grate with enough room for two large porterhouse steak.
  • A clever height adjustment tool.

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