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Ollie Pets Food
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Today, getting Dog food delivered to your doorstep is not a difficult thing. In fact this is not something very new because Amazon and several other online retailers have been doing the same. For most of the dog owners today, their idea of buying dog food is based on several factors including the ingredients, the time it takes to deliver and many others. While there are many options available in the market, most owners are not only determined to keep their dog bellies full and the dog’s body going, they want to make sure the dog has all the nutrients needed in the body and will grow healthy and stronger.

Ollie Dog Foods Offers

Today, we are talking about one of the best companies in the market that have a nice selection of High Quality recipes at a very affordable price. If you compare Ollie to some of the main competitors, you will realize that they are offering high quality dog food at an affordable price.

The company recently updated their packages to be more sustainable   and at the same time remain easy to use. Now you can get some affordable dog foods with little or no worries delivered on your doorstep. They recently reached out and extended a 50% on your first order instead of their normal 20% off. You can as well save a lot of money on your next purchase by simply joining this coupon site. They are applying huge 50% discounts and several other types of discounts when you order through the site.

What is MyOllie?

Pick Your Meal Plan Module

Ollie is a subscription based dog food manufacturer that operates from the US. They are now making fresh, human grade meals that you can subscribe and get throughout the month. You can request the food depending on the breed, age, weight, health, allergies and activity level.

They boost of using only human-grade ingredients including high grade meat, fruits and veggies to make the final product. The ingredients are gently cooked and preserved the right way for the market. This is to make sure the nutrient contents are mentained.

Ingredients and sourcing

As I had already stated, the company uses high quality ingredients to make sure they are producing some of the dog foods in the market. They source their meats from the US and Australia. As a matter of fact, they source the meat from the US except the Lamb.

Healthy dog food

According to the company, their ingredients are human-grade and assembled in a human grade kitchen. What this means is that the company has over the time invested a lot of money to make sure they are feeding dogs high quality foods.

Before they make anything, they consult their veterinarian and other specialists. As a matter of fact, they work closely with a team of veterinarian who advice the company accordingly. The foods are designed to meet all the standards in the market. Actually, they are designed to meet all of the dogs nutritional needs.

How do you order?

dog food delivery to your door

The ordering process is easy. You just have to sign up and get a specific subscription and the company will immediately commence the shipping process. When you want to subscribe, the company needs a lot of information from you. The whole meaning of this is to make sure they have all the information about you and your dog to meet all your needs and that of your best friend.

You will be required to submit your name, email, shipping address and other contact details. The company may as well request more information including the age, size and breed of your dog. They offer free shipping and for this reason, they will make sure you are getting the product within the shortest time possible. Below is a sample of some of the information you will be required to submit. The company will need all this to make sure they are manufacturing something that will fit all the requirements of your dog.

Don’t take it as a complex process otherwise you will get the wrong match. The information is aimed at eliminating any products that may be allergic to the dog and include only those that the dog needs the most.

Cost analysis

I think I had already pointed that the cost of Ollie food is affordable. Though, the cost may vary depending on the information you submit. It may as well be an issue with your special diet and other qualities of the dog. The price also varies depending on the flavors. Though, this will only be a slight difference in price. The price ranges between $72.29-$79.52 every two weeks. Additionally, if you select the same Ollie Plan, the cost per mean goes up but the total cost goes down.

To give you a clear picture of the Ollie pricing mechanism we compared it to Ollie’s main competitor PetPlate. For this reason, we looked at the price of 28 full meals of the lamb recipe. This was the amount of food that Casey eats. As a matter of fact, the amount of food a dog eats depends heavily on the weight and age. This means that a bigger dog will eat more food while a younger and a smaller dog will eat less.

For the same price, PetPlate costs $134 but on Ollie it costs $112 for the same package. Though the two companies are today offering 50% off discount, Ollie is your affordable option in 2019.

Dog Food Quality

There’s no clear way of measuring the quality of Ollie food. Though, you can give it to your dog and see whether the dog will eat and how healthy your best friend is likely to grow. Though, while you are giving your Dog foods, you should refrain from giving her any other type of food or scraps.

The research we conducted shows that most of the dogs are very comfortable with all types of food delivered to them. Though, there’s one meal that seemed to be less appetizing to my dog which is the vegetable bits mixed foods.

Final verdict

With the information shared above, it’s easy to notice that Ollie Foods is a perfect choice for you this year. Now it’s time to try their depth. Sign up today and start getting their appetizing and high quality foods delivered at your door step free of charge. Don’t pay the full amount while you can save significantly with CouponCodeGroup.Com.



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