Carousel Checks Reviews

Carousel Checks Reviews

With the growing needs in the market today, we are looking to get a company that will closely deal with all our problems. Carousel Checks is one of those companies that are committed at solving almost all problems we have with checks. The company is committed at printing attractive and functional checks. If you choose this company, then you will be projected to over 1,250 check designs with outstanding security features. Their checks are ideal for ordering for either personal or Financial business use.

In this Carousel checks reviews, we will cover their main product, checks and eventually give our final verdict on the same. This company allows you to buy checks and customize them according to your needs. Actually, buying decorated and stylish checks is a common practice in the US despite the fact that checks are slowly dying out.

What does Carousel checks do?

Personal Cheque

This company does more than most people would think. However, the most popular service they offer is their custom photo checks. They usually craft these checks according to your specific needs. All you have to do is to send them a photo and they will create personalized checks with your image.

This means that if you need to buy personalized checks, you should closely get in touch with Carousel Checks. Despite the fact that you can get the same checkbooks in your bank, this company may charge you a relatively lower amount of money as to compare to your bank. The site offers different types of checks including finance Business checks and personal checks. Before your work is finalized, the company allows you to choose from over 3500 products and product variations. What this means is that they will give you a room for a plethora of check designs and you will choose exactly what you want. Aside from that, the site also offers several other services including checkbook covers, deposit tickets, self-inking stamps, address labels and check registers.


As I had already stated, the company is aimed at making sure you can get exactly what you want at an affordable price. I also stated that they may charge a lower price to the one you have been paying your bank. Without even consulting much, you can detect that the cost of their checks are very reasonable. Though, we checked what their previous customers are saying and there are some of them that are complaining about the fees for handling, for delivery and for some extras. This means that if you want a check register designed and delivered, then you may incur more cost.

Regardless of the price you are charged, you shouldn’t pay the full amount. You can get in touch with CouponCodeGroup for the best and reliable Carousel Checks coupon codes.

According to my opinions, this company is a good one for designing checks and other things. As a matter of fact, it can be a great company if they minimized their delivery fees and handling fees.

Why should Carousel Checks be more up-front about their fees?

Am just convinced that if the tacked-on fees are minimal, this company can be a great option for their customers. One mistake that the company does is that they make you go through the entire order process and later make a decision on the number of days you should wait for the delivery. This means it can take a long time to get your delivery.

The company will unfortunately get you through the whole process and eventually tack on the handling fees at $3.50 per box. This is one of the things that make people very annoyed. Majority of the customers realize about this issue after they have already done a lot to make the order and it’s too late to just discard it at this point.

Why should you order from Carousal Checks?

Despite the above few complains that we got from their prior customers, there are several benefits you will get after ordering from the company. At this point in time, I will give you several reasons why this company should top your list today.

  • If you need a variety, then Carousel checks have over 3500 products and product variations to choose from.
  • This site offers all their products and services at reasonable prices. As a matter of fact, their prices beat those of your local bank.
  • They feature over 1250 different check designs which mean you can choose the design that works best for you.
  • Carousel has over 30 years of operation. This means you can trust them entirely and at the same time be assured of quality.
  • In the USA only, this company is ranked as the second biggest in terms of checkbook artwork. This scales their reputation and gives you enough reasons to buy from them.
  • You just need to send them a photo and everything else will be in place
  • If you need checkbook covers, then you get them made in cloth, vinyl or leather.
  • You can choose from retro, modern and old English font styles with ease.

Why should you be careful with Carousel Checks?

Besides the above benefits, there are some of the things that you should watch out closely if you want to get the best from them.

  • There are more reliable alternatives including Checksadvantage.
  • They charge a higher handling fees
  • If you want any extras such as the check registers then you should be ready to dig deeper in your pocket.
  • Their shipping costs are relatively high
  • Their customer service is not the best.

The final verdict

With all the information provided above, am sure you now have all the information you need to make informed decisions. As a matter of fact, if you don’t mind about the extras and the shipping fees, Carousel Checks is the best company for you. When paying for the services, you shouldn’t pay the full cost unless you are insensitive to costs. Check carousel checks coupon codes to save a lot at checkout.


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carousel-checks-reviewsWith the growing needs in the market today, we are looking to get a company that will closely deal with all our problems. Carousel Checks is one of those companies that are committed at solving almost all problems we have with checks. The company...


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