Sword of Trust Movie Review


Sword of Trust Movie Overview

Mary and Cynthia, a Lesbian Couple now turns up to pick an inheritance from her deceased grandpa which shockingly turns up to be a  mere sword. This sword may seem very insignificant but it’s a symbol from the Civil War that the South Won

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Sword of Trust Movie Details

  • Release dates: July 12 2019.
  • Production company: Forager Films
  • Cast: Mac maron, Jillian Bell, Taby Huss, Michaela Watkins, Tim Paul, Dan Bakkedah and Jan Bass.
  • Director: Lynn Shelton
  • Screen writers: Mike O’Brien and Lynn Shelton
  • Executive producer: Peter Gilbert, Eddie Linker and Joie Swanberg. Production designer: John Lavin
  • Director of Photography: Jason Oldak.
  • Costume designer: Tara Eff
  • Venue: SXSW film Festival
  • Duration: 88 Minutes
  • Composer: Marc Maron.

Sword of Trust Movie Story

The last several years of Lynn Shelton were spent as a director-for-hire and now decided to help comedian and a podcast star Marc Maron scale his acting skills. Lynn Shelton is at ease working for her in Sword of Trust this summer. This is an enjoyable show work of Shelton’s most hot work.

This movie features a shop owner who is in a mission to sell a Civil war sword to a white chauvinists. Now MARC Maron sits down to deliver one of the best works of his career. This film is a tale that throws together a couple of strangers all seeking profit from an alleged Civil war sword.

If seen at home, this movie is likely to provoke chortles, though, in its small way, the film has something to say about our growing culture of retro racial attitudes, theorists and revisionist history. Mel now operates this shop in Birmingham, Ala and has a working relation with a baggy-mouthed Nathaniel. In this shop, Nathaniel has nothing significant to offer which becomes a burden to Mel.

There’s a day a lesbian couple Mary and Cynthia brought the only thing Mary’s deceased grandpa left her. This sword is believed to have been given officially as a surrender during the civil war. Her Grandpa was by then 98 and he had dementia that later contributed heavily on his poor health.

You might think that Nathaniel is of no help but you can easily notice that he knows one big thing-He knows them internets when specifically compared to his Luddite boss. He also ended up discovering that few people thinks that the south really worn but can agree that this official history is a lie.

Now the group brokered a profit sharing deal and at the same time found themselves entertaining Toby Huss from David Bakkedah who is a deep pocketed collector.



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