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  • Rating: PG-Reasons: Some smoking, thematic materials and brief language.
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Written By: Lulu Wang
  • Directed By: Lulu Wang.
  • Release Date: July 12, 2019
  • Runtime: 98 Minutes
  • Producer studio: AS4.

The Farewell Production

  • A Ray Prods, Big Beach, Kindred Spirit presentation in close association with Depth of Filed,
  • Seesaw Producer: Peter Saraf, Chris Weitz, Lulu wang, Anita Gou and Daniele Melia among many others.
  • Executive producers: Eddie Rubin
  • Co-producers: Dan Balgoyen and Josh Cohen.

The Farewell Movie Info

Here is a Chinese family which hosts a dying grandmother. Now that they all know that their grandmother has a brief time to live, they all agreed to keep her in the dark. The family also decided to schedule an instant wedding which should be sparked before she passes on.

In every situation, one will always disagree with the phenomenon. Now Billi doesn’t find it specifically good to hide the truth from her grandma. It’s very easy to notice a mere observation that he feels guilty and at the same time restless to concur with the rest of the family.

This seems as the fulfilment of the current Chinese saying: when people get cancer, they die. It is what the Billi’s, mother said when she was passing the news of her dying mother to Billi. The Grandma was diagnosed with Cancer and hence has a limited time on earth.

The movie opens with a phone call that opens up to a whole new world. Billi walks through the streets of Manhattan talking and sharing some story with Nai Nai who waits at the doctor’s office for MRI. The little sister who gets the news of the diagnosis first accompanies the grandma.

Now the little Nai Nai chooses to hide the truth from the old Nai Nai and eventually shares the hot story with the rest of the family. One thing that is hard to get is that the whole family planned a wedding as a move to get back to Changchun. Billi’s parents tried to convince her not to make the trip. Now Diana Lin, Billi’s mother and Tzi Ma-the father told her  that she’s so American and she may not be able to keep the family wide ruse.

Now Billi and the grandma have a bond and we can see him with the Phone call to his grandma. Now the fact is that The Farewell is frequently and a funny drama and comedy film but has a heavy stuff that makes it emotionally connected to viewers.

Critical Reviews for The Farewell

Tomris Laffly

Now this film unearths the bond of love and the love that inbounds a complex family unit.

Brian Talleric

This film has some gorgeous and straight things that you can say about how love continues across the seas and oceans.



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