The art of self-defense Movie review


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Rating: R: reasons-Sexual content, language, violence and graphic nudity

Directed by: Reley Stearns

Written by: Reley Steans

Run time: 104 minutes

Studio: Bleecker street

Release date: June 12th 2019.

Cast: Jesse Eisenberg, Aessandro Nivola, Imogen Poots, Steve Terada, David Zellner, Phillip Andre Botello and many others.

Movie overview

This Man-Riley stearns has come back with another fascinating drama-comedy movie. He previously hit the red lights at the SXSW after premiering his heavy drama about a film that tried to deprogram a cult member. Now he’s here again with another drama-comedy-The art of self-defense. Though, most people feel that this drama movie is a little bit less breaking sad than the last outburst.

Movie information

The whole story follows a meek guy named Casey. Now this man lets the whole world walk all over him without because he’s unable to act accordingly. He has experienced a lot of bullies at work, on a random walk, in the grocery and almost any other place he goes. Casey is a nervous smashup kind of a person that stops and bullies a conversation before it even starts.

Gold changed the butt life of Casey completely until one fateful night when he finds himself at the middle of a random act of violence. You would wonder why all this time Casey didn’t have a way of defending himself. Now after this act of violence, the man decides to act swiftly and gain some sense of self-defense.

Casey finally finds himself connected really close with Sensei who tries to convince him to tap his inner ager and eventually show his true colors. The movie ends up showing a true combination of a funny and a just dark enough, movie to keep you on the toes the entire night.

Casey decides to join a neighborhood karate studio with the aim of internalizing all the tricks and kicks of self-defense. Sensei who is the instructor in this karate studio takes it on his hand to train and instruct Casey. With the assistance of Hanna a hardcore brown belt, Casey gains a lot of skills that scales his self-defense tactics to a whole new level.

It’s obvious to have such a movie at the beats of the sure plot. Though, The acts of self-defense have everything new and touching starting from the tone, the language and performances. This is what makes it a beast of its own kind.


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