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Do you own an online store that sells goods? If this is the case, you should be aware of a new sales channel known as live video events for online shopping.

Using live eCommerce can help you increase sales as well as conversion and engagement rates. Bringing these kinds of events to your audience is made incredibly simple with StageMe.

With an offering that is loaded with features, you will always have access to all of the tools that you require in order to continuously monitor and improve the events for your audience.

About StageMe

StageMe. E-commerce sites can benefit from Live’s live-streaming capabilities. They do this by exploiting a new marketing channel that they call “the live streaming events for eCommerce,” which results in more engaged customers, more customer loyalty, and increased sales.

You won’t have to deal with any headaches or obstacles when you allow live video commerce with StageMe because it’s completely frictionless.

Because you are able to easily re-stream to all of the other platforms in real time, you have the ability to bring in all of the users who are already a part of social networks to your store.

Your customers have the option of placing their orders directly within the stream itself, or they can minimize the window while they do so.

Your influencers can also broadcast what they see on their screen! In addition to this, there is never any financial risk incurred within the first month.

Since 2008, the groups of individuals who are now known as StageMe have been providing live streaming solutions. Back in those days, StageMe was concentrating their efforts on Flash technologies because they were essentially the only choice available. Despite this, we were the first people in our region of the world to do live broadcasting.

Since that time, the technologies have progressed, and an increasing number of protocols and solutions have been available. By developing native live streaming SDKs based on RTMP, StageMe products have been able to capitalize on the proliferation of mobile devices as well as their growing popularity. StageMe is responsible for the construction and delivery of a variety of PPM and PPV WebRTC systems.

StageMe has been developing and growing their live streaming SaaS solution for over 14 years, during which time they have acquired clients such as Sony, Microsoft, Benq, ArtBasel, and Razer.

StageMe is built on a mature and experienced team, and it incorporates the knowledge gained through the development of previous products.

The launch of eCommerce live shopping has been made possible by StageMe, which represents a logical next step in the application of live streaming technology.

The technology that underpins StageMe adheres to all of the most recent industry standards and technical capabilities. Because of this, the StageMe solution is virtually the only one that is able to transmit high-definition streams to an extremely large audience with a delay of less than one second, as guaranteed by our service level agreement (SLA).

The StageMe product offers more features than those offered by the live commerce sector because of this. StageMe is able to adapt its program to meet the specific requirements of each individual customer. StageMe is a GMBH firm that was founded in Düsseldorf, Germany. The company received adequate pre-seed funding.

Main Features

StageMe provides the essential ingredients for producing fruitful live commerce events.


When consumers click to view the products being promoted, the live stream will continue without interruption. Instead, it will follow the users even when they navigate to different tabs or pages inside the same browser window.

Maximize Conversions

The users will be able to view a list of the products that are being exhibited during the stream while it is in progress.

You have the option of configuring StageMe to send the users to the product listing, or they may immediately order it through StageMe if you so choose.


You are able to streamline the scheduling of events and ask your influencers to share their screen when they are visiting the website you are promoting. They do not require access to actual objects nor do they require the use of a studio.

Integration features

StageMe is the only supplier that allows you the option to select between a quick and easy event setup that does not require the use of any technological development or an approach that is more personalized and integrated. StageMe is also the only service that gives you the ability to choose both options.

The Zero-Integration Option

Are you seeking for a solution that does not require any integration, no software development kits, no application development kits, no equipment, and no software development?

You will be provided with a hosted event landing page and a live stream page by StageMe, in addition to an add-to-cart and buy-now capability that does not require any coding. You only need to make an announcement about the event, and then you’ll be live. Using this method, you can immediately begin to capitalize on this marketing strategy.

Customized Integration

To embed StageMe into your website, you will need to do only a small amount of technical effort. We offer an add-on for Shopify as well as an invocation code that is compatible with every eCommerce platform.

Using this method, you will be able to embed the live stream directly into your website. The application will use the same color scheme and design aesthetic as your brand.

Enterprise Live Commerce Features

Adopt the live shopping channel in a way that is both seamless and effective.

GDPR Compliant

You will benefit from complete compliance with the GDPR and cookies.

Service Level Agreement

Scalability and reliability of service are key components of successful events. Scalability and redundancy are both fully provided by CDN. This means that we are able to deliver individualized SLA strategies for our enterprise customers.

Statistics & Reporting

Measuring success involves an in-depth understanding of the actions taken by customers. Their software will provide the most pertinent KPIs for each event that occurs.

Branding, Data & User Ownership

Live video purchasing gives users more control over their purchase experience, in contrast to social networks. Whenever you use StageMe, the users and the data are entirely within your control. In addition to this, you will be able to provide the same high-quality customer experience under your own brand.

CRM Connection

With the assistance of Application Programming Interface (API), connecting your various systems has never been simpler.

Fully Customizable Solution

Each client is distinct and has unique requirements. Because of this, their technical team is able to execute advanced integrations, adaptations, and tweaks in response to specific requests.

StageMe pricing

StageMe offers a free trial. StageMe paid version starts at EUR 990.00/month.

Starting Price: EUR 990.00/month

Pricing Details: Usage-based pricing

Benefits of StageMe

  • Drive record amounts of customers to your online shop and watch your revenue soar.
  • Keep your audience interested by hosting a variety of events
  • Leverage a new sales channel.
  • Bring the users from the social networks to your portal, where you can re-market to them and re-engage with them.
  • Become a PRO by not relying on the free tools offered by the social networks. Leverage a new sales channel.


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