Spiderman: Far from Home Movie details and Overview

The world is changing and Spider-man must step in to take on new threats. This superhero film will, be out on 2nd July 2019 with Marvel Comics character Spiderman being the talk of town.

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With the events of Avengers End Game, there are millions of reasons why Spiderman should do something about it. In this film, Peter Parker returns with a new chapter of the Spiderman Homecoming series. The superhero decides to join Ned, MJ, His best friend and the rest of the neighborhood gang. The gang decides to take a European Vacation.

Peter wants to leave Heroic for few weeks but his plans scuffled when he decided to help Nick Fury. Nick Fury wanted to uncover the mystery of creature attacks and on the process creates a havoc across the continent.

Spider-Man: Far from home is a sequel to avengers endgame. It is the 23rd installment in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It is also the 11th and the final installment of phase three. Spiderman-Far from home is at the same time the concluding installment of the infinity saga.

Peter Parker will return in this film which is the next chapter of Spiderman Homecoming series.

Genre: Science Fiction and Fantasy, Action & adventure.

Directed by: John Walts

Written By: Erik Sommers and Chris McKenna (II)

Runtime: 130 minutes

Studio: Sony Pictures

In Theaters from: 2nd July 2019

Language: English

Based on Comics By: Stan Lee and Steve Ditko

Produced By: Amy Pascal, Kevin Feige

  • Other Executive producers: Victoria Alonso
    • Louis D’ Esposito
    • Thomas M. Hammel
    • Stan Lee,
    • Avi Arad,
    • Matt Toimach
    • Eric Hauserman Carroll
    • Rachel O’Connor



New York City
New York
Midtown school of science and technology
Urban sports and Cultural center
Parker residence
Former avengers Tower
Delmar’s Deli-Grocery
LaGuardia Airport
Swiss Alps
Berlin, Germany
Los Angeles
California in a Flashback


  • Tom Rothman, Sony Pictures studios chairman announced on June 26th 2016 that his company and Marvel studios are committed to create more Spider-man films
  • On June 23rd 2018, tom Holland on his Instagram announced that the film’s title was Spiderman: Far from Home. The principal photography on the film commenced on July 2nd 2018 and was to be concluded by December the same year.
  • The film was pushed up from its initial release date July 5th to July 2nd Finally, the post production on the film wrapped on June 8, 2019.


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