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The internet has done wonders over the last few years regarding the retail industry. There are many websites where you can buy your shoes and wait for the delivery at the comfort of your house. Though, with the increasing demand for online shopping, we have seen the rise of several scam retail websites. This means there’s a need to check and know whether any retail site you are dealing with is legit.

The internet has made it very easy for people to shop and get their products delivered to them with ease. This is one of the main advantages of e-commerce but there has as well been a couple of downfalls. As the internet is trying to capitalize on the popularity of some brands, a couple of dappled sites have popped up with the sole purpose of stealing from acquitted shoppers.

I know many people have been worried about especially those that haven’t used the site in their life. Now, most of them are stuck in-between the legitimacy of the site and the scam thoughts. So, is a legit or a scam? How long do they take to deliver the shoes? How much do they charge for shipping? All these questions will be answered today, here.

What is is an American, designer, developer, manufacturer and worldwide marketer of sports shoes, apparel, accessories, services, and equipment. The company was started some time back and it has already hit the market with the fact that they offer quality footwear and other accessories. Many people today especially sportsmen and women are going for their products. Today, the company delivers innovative products, experiences, and services that inspire the world to do more. They are ultimately happy when they see athletes and sportsmen and women make it in life.

Is a scam or legit

Nike has been around for some time. As a matter of fact, they have been selling genuine footwear and other accessories. This is the main reason why the company has dominated the sports industry. We have conducted some market research and at the same time checked what some of their prior customers are saying. With this information, we are convinced beyond doubt that is a legit site. The rating of the site indicates that the site is safe to shop and leave your personal data.

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The fact is that today most online shoppers are going for Nike as the shop of their choice. The company is using a computer that hosts other websites. This is a normal thing which makes the company a good match. The site is ranked 468 which is a good sign too. The other thing is that there are several other websites that link to it. This means the site is deemed relevant by others.


To make sure we are bringing a comprehensive review of the website, we checked several reviews on the internet to see what other people are talking about. We checked the reviews on TrustPilot, Resellerrating, and sitejabber. In all the review sites, has been given a good review and a higher rank. Most of the prior customers are very happy with the products they receive from the site and also the customer service.

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There are more positive reviews than negative reviews. This is what made us up the trust score. Though, the speed of seems to be slower than average. This is because of several causes including the shared web server which means it shares its server with other websites. The other reason is that it sometimes has a peak number of visitors. Speed is something helpful and hence would expect such a website to have a faster speed.

The customer reviews about this site which are based on 1340 reviews shows that the company has about 1244 positive reviews and 96 negative reviews. Those complaining about the site have an issue with customer support and shipping. They claim that the company takes a lot of time to deliver and at the same time their customer service is not highly responsive.

How to save while shopping on

As you have already noted, is a nice site where you can shop for sports products including footwear and accessories. The company makes it easy for you to order and get your products at home. Though, you don’t have to waste the full amount while there are some things you can do and save a lot of money at checkout. Here are some of the ways to save up to 50% while shopping for sneakers, shoes, apparel and other accessories on

  • Take advantage of special discounts-This is the first and the most effective way of saving some significant money while you are shopping at Nike.Com. The store offers exclusive discounts to U.S college students, military and other people. Most of the times, you can get up to 10% student and military discount and another 10% off at Nike.
  • The site also offers coupon codes that you can use at the checkout and save a lot-You can check these at com. Sign up for the newsletter and save up to 10% on your next purchase. If you are a Nike fan, then it will be very easy to join their newsletter and eventually get 10% off coupon code. You can get special news and offers that can help you save a lot.
  • Seasonal sales-Nike features a couple of seasonal sales every year. This is the time of the year when you should be shopping to save a lot along the way. It recently gave its customers 25% off already reduced sale items. You can expect to get more discounts for the remaining part of this year.

What is their return policy? products can be returned in case of any problem within 30 days of purchase. The products must be unopened. The company will as well allow returns of Nike products that they believe contains a manufacturer error. To return, you should contact the customer care and everything will be easy and simple.

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Final verdict is a nice designer, developer, manufacturer, marketer and retailer of footwear, apparel, accessories, and several other products. They concentrate too much on sportswear and accessories. With that in mind, you can check on for promo codes, coupon codes and several other offers.



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