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Organic Chemical Free Mattresses

The importance of a good mattress to your overall health cannot be underrated. Along with your exercises and a balanced diet, there are several other things that contribute significantly to your health and a good mattress is one of them. Lack of a good night sleep can have some negative impacts on your productivity and hence you need to take the chances and shop for the best mattress in the market. Though, with the many options that are available, it can be a complicated affair to get the best mattress for your night time. The good thing is that we are here to help you make an informed decision in the market. Today, we are going to do a quick review of Thefutonshop and eventually give you a final verdict. In this Thefutonshop review, we will give you all the information you need to make a good decision in the market.

Chemical Free Futons Handcrafted in USA

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Organic Natural Sofa is a mattress manufacturer and seller that is based in San Francisco. The company was founded in 1976 and has since manufactured and sold mattresses to many customers. They are aimed at making sure the materials used to make their products are high quality and at the same time eco-friendly.

What do they sell?

The Futon Shop Fathers Day Sale

Besides being the biggest and one of the most famous mattress manufacturer in the US, they also sell other products. In their official site, you are going to get many categories featuring all bed accessories and products they sell. The company sells Futon mattresses-chemical free futon mattresses, wool futon mattresses, organic futon mattresses and spring futon mattresses. They also sell futon organic mattresses, wool mattresses, latex mattresses and Futon Crib mattresses. The company also manufactures and sells futon frames including wood futon frames, organic sofas and sectionals, modern sofa beds and sleepers.

Natudal Bed Pillows

The other category is Futon covers featuring Organic cotton futon covers, microfiber solid futon covers, solid futon covers and patterned futon covers. They are also selling futon pillows including organic cotton pillows and natural bedding, bright microfiber pillows, solid polyester pillows and many more. Lastly, check on their natural furniture and platform beds categories.

The Futon Shop Reviews

The Futon Shop Reviews

Among many other companies that are available in the market for manufacturing and selling of foam mattresses, Thefutonshop has received the poorest rating in terms of their shipping and returns. The company has the best mattresses in terms of quality and price but then they don’t focus too much on shipping and returns. We checked some of the complaints and most of their prior customers were complaining about the following.

  • Very expensive shipping-this is the first complain that most of their customers are complaining about. You may be required to pay $220 for orders of $450. This is relatively expensive when compared to other mattress companies.
  • They don’t refund the shipping cost. In case there’s a problem with the product you receive, you can request for a refund but you should be very careful because you may never get the $220 for shipping.
  • Thefutonshop gives you three days trial on which you are supposed to test the mattress and return instead of the normal 30 days that most other online mattress retail shops offer. This time is very short for someone to comfortably test the mattress and eventually make a decision to ship it back.
  • You will have to take care of the return shipping cost. This is a loss because you will never get your shipping money and at the same time you have to incur another buck when shipping it back for refunds.
  • You pay 20% restocking fees-Unfortunately, the returns are not refunded, you have to pay 230% restocking fees and at the same time you will be given the returns as store credit that you can use in the next 6 months.
  • They also have the poorest help desk. With shipping and return policies like these, you can be sure they will never help you get what you want. There are several other people that believe these mattresses will make you wake up with a total backache especially if you share your bed. They believe that the bed is not self-adjusting for weights and hence you may have a hard time with your partner.
  • If the company delays on delivering the mattress, never think of cancelling the order because you will never get your money back. The comfort guarantee they say is a total scam. The company takes a lot of time to ship and at the same time charges very expensive.

Final verdict

Now we have to make our verdict on this company. Although the company makes some of the best mattresses and bed accessories, many people have complained about this. The company has failed to make it easy for its customers to order and receive their items. As a matter of fact, that is the main reason why you shouldn’t buy from Thefutonshop if you need the item fast or even when you don’t want to spend a lot of money on shipping. They also make it very hard for you to ship back the mattress or any other accessory. You will also not receive your refund but get store credit. What am trying to mean is that the company takes slow measures in all perspectives. As a matter of fact, we cannot recommend buying mattresses from this company but if you need any other product that you are sure you will not have to ship it back, please place an order.



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