2920 Mattress Review for 2019


Here is a solution to all causes of poor sleep. One main reason why most of the people don’t have a good time in their beds is because their mattresses don’t create a comfortable place for them to get a good night’s sleep. Now 2920 Mattress is here to offer all what you need to get a comfy and a favorable place to lay your body after a busy day. This mattress offers breathability and comfort and that’s the reason why almost everyone is talking about it. In this short brief, we are going to talk about what makes 2920 mattress a good companion and give you details about the company’s policies and what you need to know to place the order.


2920 sleep

2920 mattress offers several bedding products just to ensure that you have a good night sleep. Today the company offers a comfy mattress, beddings and pillows. Offering high quality sheets, Duvet covers, Pillow cases and Down comforters among many other bedding materials. Their pillows are soft, responsive and supportive. They are also made from 100 % natural latex blended with soft fiber to ensure that you have a comfy place to lay your body after a busy day. The mattress is superbly designed and independently tested to see if it fits all the bed needs of every user.


2920 Mattress is among the best comfortable luxury mattresses in terms of performance. The mattress comes folded in a standard cardboard box. What this means is that the first two days the mattress shouldn’t be used. This time is to give the mattress enough time to air.

This mattress is very supportive and also offers additional comfort that will relieve you all the pain and discomfort from a busy day. Another good thing about this mattress is that it can easily conform to your body shape even when you are that kind of a person that moves rapidly within the night. Additionally, this mattress has a medium firmness and for this reason it delivers good pressure relief.

Shipping and delivery

The main reason why most of online buyers are turning to this company is because the company ships everything for free within the continental USA. They also offer free shipments to buyers in Hawaii and Alaska.

Immediately after you place the order, this company takes some little time to process the order and the shipment process started immediately. In most of the cases, you should expect to receive any product within 5 business days. They even ship orders faster sometimes. However, you have to note that currently, 2920 mattress hips to the continental U.S, Hawaii and Alaska only.

When the shipment process is started, you will receive an email with the tracking details. The details will be sent directly on your email and after that, you can start tracking your order. If you face any problems while awaiting your order, you can always contact the customer service for inquiries and complains. This is the email:  support@2920sleep.com.

Warranty and return policy

All the products including Pillows, beddings and mattresses are made in the US and tested for durability. They are also engineered by professionals but the fact is that there are some of the times that you may experience some problems with any of the products. For this reason 2920 mattresses come with 10-years warranty which is backed with the 3rd generation manufacturer aimed at giving you peace of mind. The warranty only applies to the original purchaser and for this reason it is not transferable.

In case of any problem, you can always reach out to the customer service and they will greatly help you to organize the return of your product. After using this mattress, you can as well return it or arrange for the mattress to be donated.

Payment methods

The company accepts several payment methods for convenient and other purposes. You can pay for your order using MasterCard, Visa, and American Express.

2920 Mattress Reviews

2920 Verified Sheet Reviews by Consumers

We took some time to check the reviews and user comments from prior users and come up with information that we thought is imperative to share with you. 2920 Mattress is one of the most adorable mattresses in the market today. Most of the people love the fact that this mattress is very supportive and at the same time offers the much needed comfort especially when you retire to bed tired and exhausted. Most of the people loved the fact that this company offers a 210 years warranty and are always there to affirm the credibility and the quality of their product.

2920 Mattress Reviews

On the other hands, there are some of the users who complained that this mattress is comfortable in the first few minutes and after that you struggle to find some sleep due to discomfort associated. One user says that after sleeping on it for about 3 hours, it starts to kill her back. She continued to say that she finds out that her back is tight every time she wakes up in the morning.

Besides this one negative review, most of the users agree that 2920 mattress worked well for them and they have not had any issues.

Why is 2920 mattress the best?

First thing first, this mattress is composed of 4-layer of foam on a 10-inch size which incorporates all the features. The first layer of this mattress composes of new generation foam to provide pressure and relief. This layer occupies the first 2-inches of the mattress to regulate motion control and temperatures. This is the first feature that makes 2920 mattress the best in the market. It responds quicker to avoid the ‘’trapped’’ sensation. It is the same feature that makes this mattress the best in terms of controlling temperatures. It ensures that you sleeps cooler and comfortably.

The second layer of this mattress occupies the next 1 inch of the mattress which aims at easing your body from the first layer of the foam. This layer is also made up of a combination of the best latex and memory foam.

The third layer is the biggest taking up to 5.5-inches of the mattress. This layer is aimed at supporting the first layer of the bed and at the same time deliver longevity to the bed.

The top layer takes 1.5 inches of the mattress which is aimed at increasing the overall support from ‘’edge to edge’’. The main reason why this layer is included is to offer an even surface to the mattress. It also provides extra support especially on the edges of the mattress.

Another reason why 2920 mattress is in our list of the best mattresses in the market today is because each layer is separated by the use of a fire-protection sock to meet fire protection safety. They are also topped with an attractive designer mattress cover.

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The bottom line

Now you have an option. You don’t have to bear the discomfort of your bed all through while you can get 2920 mattress and other products and make it a comfortable place to retire to. You just have to visit their online store, make the order, pay and wait for your product to be delivered.



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