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I don’t see any reason why you should be counting clouds while you can sleep in it. Puffy mattress promises they will offer all what it takes to feel like you are sleeping in clouds. They are promising comfortable beddings that will offer you the best environment for your naptime and at the same time will make you feel like you are sleeping with the angels. They have over the time used proprietary materials that have high class responsive support levels to make their products. They have as well made it classic to give you some cooling properties. Today we are focusing at giving you an in-depth Puffy mattress reviews and eventually give our final verdict.

Who is Puffy?


Puffy is a mattress company that sells some of the best mattresses in the market for you. The company has been in the market for some time offering Puffy foam mattresses for all types of sleepers and at the same time making sure that people have a better place for their nights. They are aimed at using some of the best and eco-friendly products to make sure you are comfortable.



Puffy is well known for selling the best in quality and value mattress in the market today. However, their online site has several categories that portrays they sell other bedding accessories. The first product they sell is the puffy mattress that retails at $495 and The Puffy Lux mattress that retails at a relatively higher price $1,145. The puffy is a single firmness mattress that is made up of three layers memory foam mattress and stands 10’’ tall. The puffy lux is the other product they sell. It is a single firmness mattress that stands 12’’ tall. The company uses some of the softest materials to make their mattresses and that’s why they are top ranked for their comfort. I bet the softness of the materials is what makes them the best option for lighter and average weighted sleepers.

The company also sells Puffy bed frames, puffy adjustable bed base, puffy mattress foundations and puffy mattress pads among many other products and accessories.



  • The mattress has excellent motion isolation
  • It’s the best mattress for support and comfort regardless of the climate.
  • The company gives you 101 days trial period where you can return the mattress in case of any issue.
  • They offer free deliveries
  • The company also has a charitable program known as #Jumpforkids Charity program.


Although there are fewer things that people have complained about, the mattress has very weak edge support and only has one firmness option per model.

Who’s the mattress best suited for?


This mattress is an option for almost all types of sleepers but there are some groups that will have a better feel trying it. You will love it if:

  • You are a side sleeper-This mattress will be the best suit for people who experience pressure around their hips and shoulders.
  • Excellent motion control: The materials used to make this mattress will dampen energy quickly and at the same time make sure there’s some reduction in motion transfer. If you are one of those restless sleepers or if you have a restless partner, this will be the best for you.
  • You like classic memory foam feel-The mattress will as well be the best fit for people that love a comfy feel.

Who will not love it?

There’s another group that may not feel very comfortable with the mattress. If you fall anywhere here, then you may not be at par with the mattress. You may not like Puffy mattress if:

  • You struggle with mobility-As I had already stated, most people should feel very comfortable with this mattress. However, if you struggle with motion, you may not love it.

Does the company accept coupon codes?

Definitely, most online stores today accepts coupon codes and for this reason, you can get Puffy coupon codes for your purchase. You can check on their homepage for any information about Puffy coupon codes or visit CouponCodeGroup.com for the best and the most reliable Puffy coupon codes, promo codes and other discount codes.

Puffy mattress reviews

The company has a couple of prior customers that have reviewed and shared their experience with the product and the company. Upon checking some of their comments and reviews, we noticed that over 90% of all their customers are very comfortable with the product, quality and value. However some of after checking puffy mattress amazon reviews, we noted that there are some significant number of people that are not very satisfied with the quality and the customer support. Though, those that were complaining had some issues with the price and the return policy.

Why is Puffy.com the best?

Without even going further, we believe that Puffy mattress is a perfect option for people who share a bed. The mattress performs better than some of the options that are available in the market today. It works perfectly well in terms of edge support and motion isolation. I bet you will agree with me that edge support is very imperative for people who share a bed. However, there are some of the people complaining that this mattress doesn’t offer enough edge support.

It is also a good option for absorbing impact. What this means is that if you share a bed with a partner that likes to move around the bed so much or someone that has a small blander and wants to get out of bed more often, then this mattress will be best suit for you.

Final verdict

There’s only one word that can define this astonishing product from Puffy-Amazing. The company provides a classically designed and crafted memory foam that makes you feel as if you are sleeping in clouds with the angels. Their product also enhances pressure relief and for that reason, it should appeal to most sleepers. They are also dedicated at creating a perfect mattress for all kinds of sleepers to minimize pains, aches and the number of sleepless night. They are also giving back to the society with their charitable donations of returned mattress and at the same time recycling some of their products. I don’t see why you are still in search.



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