AT&T Review for Phone Plans, Internet Service, & TV

AT & T Review

AT&T is one of the most popular brands in the World. It’s also recognized as the second biggest wireless carrier in the US giving recurrent leader Verizon sleepless nights. With a close competitor, most people want to know which is better among them and what are some of the pros and cons of choosing AT&T.

There are four cell phone providers in the U.S and AT&T owns and operates own cell towers. It is also known as the second most reliable network in the U.S. Though, there are many reasons why most people are choosing Verizon over AT&T. First and foremost, the company is known as the most expensive service provider in terms of pricing. The good news is that you can take advantage of its discount on DirecTV.

What services does AT&T offer?

AT&T is known and adored by many for the services and products it offers and also for the mobility which means the company provides the device options you need. They also have numerous plans to choose from:

  • Data-This Company is also a very reliable data provider. The carrier supports productivity, supports applications and at the same time facilitates connecting locations. The other thing is that the AT&T VPN is founded in a network based IP VPN solution that offers you all the features and flexibility you need today and in the future.
  • Internet-the most adorable thing is the AT&T managed internet service that ensures your company has high speed and dedicated internet access. This is the first stage of ensuring you and your customers are connected.
  • Voice over IP-this is another service offered and possible through AT&T. This feature will actually make your business more productive and at the same time save you a lot of money along the way.
  • Web Conferencing-This is facilitated through the AT&T Connect which is a very innovative solution to offer one stop resource for communications and collaboration. This is done with a sleek, intuitive window and several other conferencing tools.

Pros and cons of AT&T

The main advantage of AT&T for your cell phone is the fact that it has a great coverage. You can as well access their Watch TV stream service. Though, most of the users are complaining so much about the AT&T prices. Here are additional AT&T Pros and cons.

What I liked about AT&T Cell Phone plans


As I had stated earlier, this is the chief advantage of AT&T cell phone plans. The company boosts one of the best coverage in the US. In most of the reviews, the coverage comes in either the second or third position. This depends greatly on which shootout you are looking for. If you are one of those people in the market looking for reliable coverage, then going for AT&T is a wise decision.


Access to AT&T watchTV is an added advantage. It is a by product of the company which means it’s an addition to the Carrier’s services. The acquisition of Time Warner is an addition to their unlimited plans. If you have subscribed to Unlimited & more and Unlimited & More Premium gets 35+ channels and 15,000 Movies and shows, you will notice this is an awesome addition to the whole package.

International perks

The company has over the years been good for including international perks and unlimited & more and Unlimited & More premium are no different, they both includes unlimited talk, text and data in some other places including Canada and Mexico. You also get unlimited texts to over 120 countries in the world.


The reality of the matter is that with AT&T, you are never far from the store. What this means is that if you don’t get the Infor you need over your calls, you just have to voyage down to a local AT&T Brick and Mortar and you will get what you need.

What I didn’t like about AT&T Cell Phone Plans

There are many things that we also didn’t like about this service provider. Below are some of the cons.

It’s expensive

As I had already stated, this is one of the most discouraging factors. Besides the fact that their plans have a lot of upsides, they are a bit expensive relative to the competitor’s plans. The plans are very expensive compared to the small prepaid carriers and the plans of some big carriers such as Sprint.

Relatively Low Data Depriotization

Here is another disadvantage which addresses the data Depriotization. This denotes the amount of data that you can use in a month before the speeds are slowed to favor those users that have used lower data. The worst thing is that this company hasn’t followed the footsteps of other carriers including Verizon and Sprint.

Modest Hotspots allotments

The best thing is that the T-Mobile’s One Plus gives you a 20GB hotspot but now if you compared that to what you get from Sprint, you will not like it. The Sprint’s One Plus gives 50GB. The other thing is that the AT&T’s flagship plan features a relatively ho hum 15 GB. What this shows is that it’s better to look elsewhere if you rely on your phone too much for internet surfing and streaming.

The best AT&T Unlimited Plan

More and more carriers in the world are going the way of unlimited plans for good reasons. The main reason for this is because smartphones are all over. In regard to AT&T Cell Phone plans, we recommend the Unlimited & More premium simply because it includes great international features, premium streaming add-ons, WatchTV and a 15GB 4G LTE hotspot.

Final verdict

AT&T has been rated the second best network provider in the US for all the good reasons in terms of overall network performance and several other aspects. Overall, the carrier has a great network that has a reliable and fast internet. Though, some people believe that AT&T is not a good one on a national scale. With that said, you see all the reasons why it should be your go to carrier today.



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