These smart home devices can stop the spread of viruses and bacteria

Smart Home Device for Security

Without denial, fear or favor we have to accept that the world has turned upside down because of the current coronavirus pandemic. Everybody is trying to keep safe to avoid coming into contact with the deadly virus. Governments have put aside measures that will help keep their people safe from the deadly viruses.

Masses have been advised not to shake hands, wash hands regularly and guess what touching your face at this period is prohibited. All these measures are put in place to keep us safe but the area of technology and the smart devices that can help people stop the spread of the virus has not been fully harnessed. That is the reason I want to help you identify some of these home devices.

As you are considering staying two meters away from your friends, you can choose to stay close to your laptop and harness benefits of specific store coupon codes from and save significantly as you purchase any of the below devices. These devices should be part of you during and after the spread of Hantavirus, coronavirus and several other deadly viruses, bacteria and germs that we don’t talk about often.

Ecovacs Winbot X

Ecovacs Winbot X Smart Device

This device is specifically designed to automatically clean windows. It works just in the same way as the normal vacuum clean but it has four stage cleaning system with also an option of deep clean mode. In the fight against coronavirus and other bacterial diseases the health sector will advise you to wash your hands but you will not hear them speak about cleaning your windows thoroughly. It is equal to washing your hands too. Use BestBuy coupon codes, promo codes and other discount codes to save on this device.

Shine Bathroom Assistant

Shine Bathroom Assistant

Have you ever sat down and tried figuring out about the risk of bacteria and viruses in our toilets? If not then there are loads of bacteria and viruses in our toilets and that is why I have listed the shine bathroom assistant as a device that can help you stop the spread of viruses and bacteria. Shine bathroom assistant is an automatic device that cleans your toilet automatically without having you scrub the toilet and getting exposed to bacteria and viruses.

BlueAir Classic 480i Air Purifier

BlueAir Classic 480i Air Purifier Review

Several experiments have been carried to establish if air purifiers can protect people from various viruses. It has shown that it is very difficult for air purifiers to catch viruses but this particular air purifier is designed in a way that it has the ability to catch some common airborne bacteria and viruses. It will not necessarily protect in viruses and bacteria that are spread on the surface but for the airborne you can be sure that it will catch them.

HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer

HoMedics UV-Clean Phone Sanitizer best

The most common and easiest way for you to come across a dangerous bacteria or various in today’s world is through your phone. Several studies conducted have shown that a phone is the dirtiest thing a person comes across daily. In this case it makes you wonder what you have to do to be safe. Don’t fret because that is what the HoMedics UV-Clean phone sanitizer is here to do. It is a portable device that helps you get rid of dangerous bacteria and viruses from your phone in one minute.

U by Moen Smart Faucet

U by Moen Smart Faucet 2020

What this device does is helping you reduce the chance of coming into contact with the dangerous bacteria and viruses in the bathroom. Its work is not killing them. Have ever noticed that if you use the bathroom water tap, you will first touch the knob before washing your hands then touch it again after washing your hands. You will come into contact with the viruses and bacteria again even after washing your hands. This device eliminates this threat by activating the flow of water by just waving your hands on it. This seems more secure than the normal knob adjustments.

Samsung AirDresser

Most of bacteria and viruses can be killed or removed from clothes by washing them with soap or steam cleaning them or even dry cleaning them. There are other clothes that people wear for a week or two without washing them because of the time they take to dry clean. This is where the air dresser comes in to cover you from the viruses and bacteria present in these clothes. The device is designed in the form of a closet and holds clothes, cleans and steams them which in turn straightens them and eliminates bad odor and kills these viruses and bacteria. I am not advocating that the device can keep the bacteria and viruses away from you completely but if it saves you from these pathogens up to ninety percent don’t you think that it is a good course? Of course it is.

Smart Lock and Juno Door Knob by Kwikset

In the fight against coronavirus, people that are sick have been advised to isolate themselves and stay away from healthy ones. This may not necessarilykeep a lot of people safe because, imagine a situation where one person in a family of five comes into contact with the virus without his or her knowledge and heads home. The same door knobs that he or she will use are the same that the other family members will use putting them at a risk of contracting the disease. To curb the risk Kwikset has designed a special door knobs coating that kills bacteria. The coating is said to last in the doorknob for lifetime giving you maximum protection. Since the coating does not kill viruses, the smart lock gives you an option to unlock the door without using your hands.

iRobot Braava Jet m6

iRobot Braava Jet m6

This particular device is a robotic mop that helps you in cleaning the floor. Most of the bacteria and viruses are carried by our feet and deposited and spread all over the floors in our houses. It is very difficult for the regular cleaning to get rid of these bacteria and viruses completely from the floors. The robotic mop comes with chemicals that have the ability to eliminate bad odor and stains from the floor. These chemicals also have the ability to kill these bacteria and viruses which in turn will help keep you safe. The mop also has the ability of cleaning most of those parts of the floor that are often left out during the regular cleaning.

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