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TravisMathew Clothing Reviews

The golfers are facing an increasing amount of choices when it comes to clothing. For that reason, they are always confused when they are making their clothing decisions. The good news is that we are here to offer golfers satisfactory information to make their decisions and Travis Matthew Apparel coupon codes to save money while shopping online.

The number of companies that are venturing in this market is increasing daily. This is great news to the golfers who now have more choices but on the other hand, it’s getting difficult to make the decisions and get the brands we want at the stores near us. It’s also getting very difficult for golfers to find a brand in the store and fit or even make a decision based on the physical appearances of the clothes.

On this Travis Matthew Review, we are going to provide you with some objective information that cuts across sizing, the style, design and saving money while in the market.

What is Travis Matthew Apparel?

Most golfers wonder why Bubba Watson buttoned his shirt all the way. This is actually a very common question that I think the answers are very easy. This is actually because of the type, brand and the style of the shirt that he thought was not very comfortable while praying. To bridge the gap, Travis Matthew Apparel has come up with sophisticated technologies of making exemplary types of gulfing clothes.

Travis Matthew is an apparel company that was started in 2007. It’s clear that they draw their inspiration from all aspects of Southern California lifestyle and culture. They have since then focused on making premier men’s apparel that are fit for play and work.

Why Travis and Matthew?

If you are one of us that are tired off golfing in polos and khaki, you have definitely been in the market searching for the best golfing clothes. This action would have landed you to Travis Matthew just like it did to me.

Regardless of the fact that this company still offers traditional combo, all the other styles they offer are awesome and look great. In fact even when you are shopping no one asks if you are going golfing. I remember landing on Travis Matthew apparel, I opened the mystery box which contained polos, pants and a hat and found out that it was a great looking combo  I considered wearing any time of the year. You can as well do the same and you will find it very nice for wearing at night and nobody will ever ask you if you came from the game.

Travis Matthew pros

  • Best clothes ever
  • It has the best store
  • The clothes are affordable
  • The clothes are perfect for golfers and people that want to look as golfers.
  • The customer service is top notch
  • Travis Matthew accepts coupon codes
  • The style is awesome

Travis Matthew cons

  • Some people complains of late deliveries
  • Huge Data Breach
  • Some customers complains of the quality

Travis Matthew customer reviews and user comments

Most of the customers are very satisfied with all the services received here. As a matter of fact, the company has attracted over 100 five stars and positive comments from the golfers. One of the customers claimed that she went to shop at the store with the daughter and the husband. She confirms that the quality of the clothes, style and customer service at the site was awesome.

On the other hand, there are some few people that were complaining about the quality of the clothes and how their orders were handled. Some of them claim that the company doesn’t offer high quality clothes as they are advertising.

Despite the positive and the negative comments from the users, the greatest number of people agreed that Travis Matthew was the best place for golf enthusiasts.

Saving on Travis Matthew Apparel

There are many proven ways of saving some money while you are shopping at Travis Matthew Apparel. One of these ways is the use of Travis Matthew Coupon codes. The company accepts coupon codes which make it very easy to mine them and use the coupons at checkout. The other proven way is to subscribe to their online newsletter and you will save up to 15% off your first purchase.

Travis Matthew Apparel Employee reviews

This company has over the time attracted a number of employees trying to scale their career a little higher. Most of these current and previous employees have left their reviews and comments about their personal experiences working at the company and interacting with the management. Here are some of the reviews and employee feedbacks.

One former intern working as an IT expert left a review saying that the company is productive but has a laid back work environment. On his side, his work only consisted of setting up a network program and setting up new computers. He added that he has actually gained more experience working with the company and thinks this is the best placed to start your career.

Another former employee said that it’s an awesome place. It’s a good place to interact with the crew and the management. With such comments, I know you are already thinking of a career with them. Though, there are some people that had the worst experiences with the company.

A former product manager at the facility says that the workplace has the most horrible culture. He thought that the company exploited innocent employees to their disadvantage. He also added that the company would release the employees after saving the company dollars of money.

A former fulltime supervisor also advises potential employees to avoid the company. He adds that he has never found such a depressing place to work. He adds that you could constantly get yelled at for things that he thinks are out of control.

Travis Matthew is definitely one of the best stops for golfers that are tired of playing in their polo and khakis. Take the time to search for what you want. Make sure you check coupons, gift cards, and other promo codes from



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