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Bloomingdale’s incorporation is a luxury company that was founded by Joseph B and Lyman G. Blooming dale. The company originated from Macy’s incorporation which is its parent. It is an American company that originally thrived in Florida, Chicago and Dallas, Texas. The company has over fifty outlet stores around the world. Its headquarters are in Lexington Avenue, New York city, U.S. being in the retail industry the company deals with clothing, footwear, leather goods, bedding, furniture, jewelry, beauty products, housewares and café. The company offers coupons and promotions to its customers because when you open a card you will be rewarded with a Bloomingdale’s discount code for 25% off the day you apply and the day after. There are also score points given for every dollar you spend shopping with them and can be redeemed later and help you save some money.

How long does it take for Bloomingdale to ship?

Bloomingdale has different shipping methods and the delivery estimate is based on the date you purchased and the choice of the shipping method you choose. For a faster delivery you need to place your order early and be keen in choosing the shipping methods because they are all responsible for the day you get your order delivered. According to Bloomingdale they have a variety of shipping methods that you need to choose from namely; the standard method which takes the orders to arrive within three to six business days from the purchase date, the premium method which takes the orders to arrive within two to three business days from the purchase date, the express method which takes the orders to arrive within one to two business days from the purchase date and the shop runner free 2-day which takes your orders to arrive within two to three business days from the purchase date.

Does Bloomingdale ship to UK?

With over a hundred destinations around the world, Bloomingdale goes as far as to deliver in the UK. Deliveries are made to all selected destinations that work closely with Bloomingdale. Orders placed internationally have a border-free transactions. This company boasts an enduring reputation for quality, creativity, and uniqueness, Bloomingdale is a shining light in the retailing world. The company also offers coupons to all orders to the UK that are above 115 pounds. Customers that are subscribed to the Bloomingdale UK emails are eligible to a ten percent savings from all their orders. If you are subscribed to the UK emails, you are able to get exclusive offers and updates.

Bloomingdale customer service review

Being one of the companies that has been in business for a long time, I know you expect this company to boast or sail over a very convincing review of satisfied customers. However, this has not been the case because some of the customers have expressed dissatisfaction in how some of the services were offered. Some customers have complained of a very horrible online system and it still a wonder to them how Bloomingdale is still in business. Complains about wrong emails being sent to different customers is one of the online mistakes. Bloomingdale has also had cases of not exchanging goods that were too small for the customers especially the clothes and footwear. Instead of the company accepting the small size clothes or shoes and exchanging it with the right size, they ask the customer to pay for extra dollars so that the customers get the right sizes. This sounds, to many customers sound like a con game. Complains of the company selling items that are not functional or they work to a certain extent and then fail have also been raised. When you try claim another product because of the warranty placed over it they decline your offer and want you to buy a new item. Despite all the criticism raised by the dissatisfied customers, there are some of the customers that think and believe that the company has very polite and well-mannered employees.

How to save on Bloomingdale

A lot of people go for shopping with the hope that whoever they are shopping from or the companies that they shop from will consider them and help them save a penny. Well, at Bloomingdale they have sacrificed themselves for the sake of their customers. They want to do business as their customers are benefiting too, not only from the products they are buying from them but also in saving the cost. The company has provided its customers with discounts of twenty percent for products that cost between a hundred dollars and two hundred and forty nine dollars, they also have a discount of twenty five percent to products that cost between two hundred and fifty dollars and four hundred and ninety nine dollars and also thirty percent discount to all the products that cost five hundred dollars or more. The company has a coupon code that helps you save up to a hundred dollars on various selected purchases. There are also deals that helps the customers save up to sixty percent on different beauty products. Honey members also have a chance of saving up to one hundred and sixteen dollars at Bloomingdale’s.

Final verdict

My final verdict according to the various reviews I have read from different customers, I would like to give credit and appreciate Bloomingdale for being in business for a very long time. It is not easy to run such a hug business and become successful over all those years. Secondly, my advice goes to the customers that shop or are planning to shop with Bloomingdale at any time. There is no need of putting your money at stake by shopping with this company. The larger part of the customer service review has shown that customers have suffered poor service while shopping with this company. I do believe that your case will not be exceptional. The company should focus on how to improve their return policy because it has been said that they have a challenge in accepting returned products. They should also ensure that the products they ship to the customers are in the right conditions and functional with all the required accessories present. The last thing is a commendation to their employees for being well-mannered and polite.



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