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Many are times that you want to sell your devices to meet your needs or just as a way of getting rid of it and get another better device. In this regard, you may encounter several challenges along the way especially if you don’t have a better channel to sell them. This is where Quicksell comes in. As a matter of fact, you Quicksell is a site that makes it simple for you to sell your iPhone, Ipad, Samsung, apple watch and several other device easily and faster.

What is Quicksell.com?

Quicksell is one of the best sites in the internet today that makes it very easy for every person to sell their devices with ease. The site was established some time ago and they have over the time been offering these services to the people in the market.

In simple terms, Quicksell is a property buying site that was established to offer fast, credible services across the country. They have over the time specialized in buying mobile devices including Apple devices and Samsung smartphones. They will buy these products from the US regardless of where you are.

The site also offers their own market leading solution and for this reason they take the shortest time to buy the devices. The other reason why this company is taking the market by storm is because they offer free shipping. You just have to contact them and the company will take all the responsibilities until they get the item.

The services they offer are tailor-made to meet your specific needs and to match the product you are selling. However, the company buys these items for a price less than the market value but they promise a quick sale.

What services do they offer?

The company specializes on quick mobile device and smart Apple watch sale. Besides this, they also offer advice and guidance on what you can otherwise do with the devices before you proceed. Unlike other companies that are available in the market, this one is very beneficial to those people that wants quick sale of their products. They also don’t advertise to buy the item at a percentage of the market value. The amount of money they accept is completely determined by the circumstance at hand and the item you are selling. Regardless of the condition, they will purchase devices nationwide.

How does it work?

The process of contacting the company, giving them the details and placing your device on an offer is very simple. As a matter of fact, it’s a 3-stage process and you will have the money at hand.

  • Get an offer-This is the first step which starts by finding the device you want to sell and eventually get an offer.
  • Ship the item-The second step is to print the prepaid shipping label and prepare your device for shipping. Here you have a chance to package your device and later ship it.
  • Get paid-after the company receives your item, what follows is to test it and check whether everything is in line with what they wanted. They will inspect it and later issue your payment.

How do I receive the payments?

Now most of the people may be wondering how you can receive the money. After the item is inspected and ready for payments, you will choose a payment method. You can receive your payments through PayPal. Actually this is the most convenient method of receiving your payments.

After they have inspected the item, the company will process your payments within two business days. However, don’t be sad if your payments take almost 5 business days. The payment can delay especially when there are several orders awaiting. To ease the process of processing your payments, the best thing to do is to make sure your device is ready for activation and is also as it is described in the offer.

The promise

Quicksell promises to provide a swift and a hassle free process of buying devices. They are promising to help you along the way within the shortest time possible. To facilitate the process fast enough, get in touch with their team by either filing their offer form online or even by calling their customer care. The management will take some basic item information that will help them determine their value for the product.

They will as well ask about the location of the product and the condition of the product at hand. Once they have all this information, then they will arrange the process of shipping and eventually facilitate the whole process.

Pros of Quicksell

Quicksell has a couple of benefits that makes it stand tall in a pool of competitors. Here are some of the pros that make it the best in the list.

  • The company offers free shipping
  • The payments are processed fast enough
  • The company offers super-fast services
  • You won’t take a long time waiting for your order to be processed.


Every good site has few things that their customers are complaining about. We took time to check what people are saying and we realized that most of their prior customers were so happy with the services offered. Though, there are a few of them that are complaining about the time it takes to process the payments. Several others are complaining about the customer service. Their customer service takes a long time to answer your queries.

Quicksell reviews

Over time Quicksell has attracted a couple of reviews. Most of the reviews and comments are praising the company but few others are complaining about it. One of their prior customers say that he agreed to the price and the company asked him to unlock the phone. However, after that they sent him a message saying it’s too late for that.

Final verdict

The above information is enough to give you a reason for doing business with Quicksell. The company is one of the best and one of the fastest companies to complete the payments. Now it’s time, sell your Samsung and Apple devices with ease regardless of the situation and the place you are in the United States.

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quicksell-com-reviewMany are times that you want to sell your devices to meet your needs or just as a way of getting rid of it and get another better device. In this regard, you may encounter several challenges along the way especially if you don’t...


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