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There’s a time it was very hard to get legal forms, books, eBooks and software. This is because there were many restrictions in the market and the resources available were very costly.  Today, companies such as Nolo have factored in to make sure everything you need is easily gotten. This brief is a review about one of the best upcoming source of legal forms, eBooks, software and books.

Buying such resources can be very expensive if you don’t have a partner that makes it easy for you.  Though, there are some simple ways of saving on your next purchase through the use of Coupon codes from

What is Nolo? is a very popular website that brings you some of the most sought software, eBooks, books and legal forms. The website is a pool of legal professionals that authors eBooks, books and also develops software according to the needs of the society.

If you have been looking for a partner that can help you  start a new business or start a LLC, then is there for you. Although there are some companies competing for the same niche with, this company is one of the oldest and reputable companies in the legal services space. The company was started over 40 years ago through partnership of two well-known attorneys.

According to the statistics, the website is known to attract over 1 million traffic every single month. The team noticed the gap between legal information and the public and thought of starting something that will make the legal information more available to the people.

What legal services are available on

The company thought of publishing legal information in plain English rather than  the legalese. Now we will provide a summary of the services you can get on

  • Easily locate a local lawyer who can help you in all sorts of cases
  • Easily start a legal company or start a LLC with their assistance
  • Easily locate legal books, eBooks, software and articles on the website.
  • Create legal custom contracts and documents.

With such services, you can be sure that every time you need any sort of legal information or legal assistance, you get it with ease. One thing that users don’t know is that is a resource of about 11 other business legal sites and consumer sites.

How much does Nolo cost?

LLC Online

The pricing differs depending on several factors. As a matter of fact, different services and products from them are valued differently.  Here is a summary of the costs and what you can expect before placing orders.

  • Finding an attorney in your area is Free
  • Getting information articles and guides from their website is completely free
  • To get Business books and eBooks or the software attracts a fee of $25-$40.
  • The price of custom legal forms varies. The single forms costs somewhere between $9 and $15. Though, you can choose unlimited editing where you pay $30-44 every single year.
  • To form an LLC also attracts some money. The cost may range from $99 excluding the state fees and $299 for expedited filling
  • Forming a corporation attracts a fee of $99 or more
  • Starting a non-profit corporation starts from $99.

Is Nolo Free?

No, only some of their services including finding a lawyer in your area or getting information or articles that are Free. All the other services in the website attract a fee. The fee differs from one service to the other as explained above.

What I like about Nolo

There are several good things about this website that you shouldn’t miss. I want to share some of the things that I found very useful with the website and the services I am sure can help you too. Here are pros that you should look for.

  • The website has one of the richest collection of legal information. As a mater of fact, their library is larger than any other service provider in the internet.
  • You can easily find thousands of resources on legal topics.
  • Their resources are authored by legal professionals. This is an indication that the information shared is legit and confirmed. You can as well trust them because of their years of experience and their expertise.
  • Their resources are written in Plain English
  • The articles, books, software and the eBooks are very easy to understand and use
  • The resources contains step-by-step guide on how you can approach different legal situations when you face them.
  • Their resources are detailed which makes them a good start when you want some insight about legal situation to know what to do thereafter.
  • The website has some resources devoted to starting a business and a small law business.

What I didn’t like about

Every coin you came across has two sides. So, you didn’t expect that doesn’t have anything bad or something that you can easily dislike. Here are cons that you should watch out for.

  • Nolo doesn’t have an internal option for people that wants to start a law business.
  • Some of the services are not available directly on their platform.
  • Their prices are relatively high.

Who is best fit for? services and resources are for you if you fall in the below discussed categories.

  • If you prefer offline legal support
  • Its idea for you if you will be using the same form many times
  • Good for you if you are looking for attorney-authored information in forms of books, eBooks and software.

How can I save on

Saving on is not something that you should be very worried about. One of the best ways to save is to approach the site after searching promo codes, discount codes and most importantly coupon codes. For this to work for you, get coupon codes from a reputable coupon site such as

Final verdict

The information shared above should enlighten you about one of the best sources of  legal information, and products.  The company is a good try and you will not be frustrated. Their prices are idea for people searching for this information on a budget .



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